Top 32 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations from Peter Pilt

I love preaching creatively. The Holy Spirit used props in bible times as He engaged the Imagination of people He spoke to…Abraham with the stars and grains of sand, Ezekiel with the Valley of Dry Bones, Jesus with the Parables, the Typologies of Christ….just to mention a couple of the huge list. So I like to engage the imagination of the congregation of Nowra City Church as I preach biblical truths…..Don’t be fooled into thinking I water the truth down….Nowra City Church gets the meat of the word…..just creatively…. I blogged 18 months ago on Top 20 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations and this has been widely read so I thought I would add some more of the creative sermons that I have done over the years. Some are recent. Some are older. If you are reading this as a preacher I hope you get inspiration.

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Creative Easter Sermon Ideas From Peter Pilt

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If you would like my notes on any of these sermons or you would like more information, please feel free to email me at Be Blessed and be inspired…Ps Peter.

1) Christmas Day Service as Doctor Who….Travelling back through time to see evidences of Christmas in the Old Testament.

Looking at the five major evidences of Christmas (Prophetic instances of Christ) in the Old Testament.

  • The Garden of Eden
  • The Substitutionary lamb on Mt Moriah
  • The Passover
  • The Bronze Serpent on a pole
  • Isaiah’s Prophecy in Is 9:6





2) Christian Smoothies:- Looking at the Fruit of the Spirit.

We don’t get to choose which fruit we manifest. The bible says this is the fruit. We are to be Christian Smoothies.



3) Sit Walk Stand.

Study on Ephesians based on the book by Watchman Nee.

Here are my notes from one of the weeks from this series.


4) Christmas Day Service: What if God was like Scrooge?

Here are my sermon notes.


5) The Power and Wisdom of Ancient Stories.

This was a sermon series looking at Sunday School Stories:

David and Goliath




Jacob’s Ladder

Here are my notes for the sermon on Jacob’s Ladder


6) An Inconvenient Truth.

A look at the Global Warming of Christianity. What I mean by this is that we are called to be white hot: yet there seems to be a cooling of Christianity down to being lukewarm…thus the global warming of Christianity. It was a sermon on passion and being white hot after God.


7) The Silence of the Lambs.

This sermon was preached without a word being uttered. It was all done with signs that I held up. It was talking about the silence of Christians in light of the injustices in the world. We are all so busy we are distracted from the things that move the heart of God.

Here is a blog of all the signs I used.



8) Back to the Future.

A series on the relevance of Old Testament Prophecies. Specifically we focussed on the Valley of Dry Bones.

Here are my notes on Ezekiel 37.




9) Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A sermon on the Ark of the Covenant and ultimately a sermon on our hunger and passion for the presence of God.





10) An interview with the Easter Bunny.

Here is a blog with my main points.



11) Theology in Pop Culture.

Examining the question of What if God was everywhere?

Looking at theology in Music, Sitcoms, Movies and the Australian Culture.



12) A Can of Worms: A Sunday Night Panel focussed on Young Adults.


13) God as the King of Hearts.

Imagine Day 2011`150511091

14) Marketing Jesus.

Looking at what is the biblical plan for marketing Jesus.


15) A Worm on a Hook.

This was a sermon talking about how tasty is our faith to the unsaved. Jesus called us to be fishers of men…so how good is our bait?

Imagine Day 09 603

16) Awegust.

For the month of August we focussed on the wind of the Holy Spirit. Truly an Awe Gust.

peterpilt (2)

17) Obvious Indicators of Spiritual Health.

This sermon focussed on the blindness of our life to truly see our spiritual health and that we need to examine our spiritual health with open and discerning eyes.


18) Hope’s Stories.

A powerful Easter Service that focussed on personal testimonies of the Hope that Jesus Christ offers to humanity.


19) Jesus and the Great White Throne.

We either meet Jesus as Saviour now or as Magistrate (Judge) when we die. We get to choose.


20) The Health of your Heart.

The Heart Doctor is in the house.


21) Faith Hope and Love.

IMG_9722 (2)

22) Occupy Heaven.

This series was done during the Occupy Wall Street Protests. We used graffiti on the church lobby walls, writing the words Occupy Heaven.


23) Boycott Hell.

During this Easter Weekend, I as the Pastor of the church, called for a citywide boycott of Hell. Our Easter services were run as protest rallies complete with protest speakers talking about how we all need to boycott Hell and choose Jesus.



Pic from our Easter Services.


24) The church as a rescue vessel: HMAS Salvation


25) Good Friday Service: We did a funeral service for Jesus: Complete with a casket for Jesus.

This was so powerful. If you want to know more email me. We had a NSW Policeman, Paramedic, A doctor and a Forensic Photographer (all genuine) give their first person view of the scene of the crucifixion assuming they were called to such a scene. It was a murder investigation. So very very powerful. One of the most powerful Easter services ever.

(I borrowed the casket from a local funeral director)

At the end I got up and declared the casket was empty. That Jesus was risen.

26)  CSI: Church Scene Investigation


27) Home Improvement.


28) God the Builder.



29) Isaac and his Fake Hairy Arms.


30) Immature Christianity.

My point in this sermon illustration was that feeding a bottle to a 16 year old girl and putting her in a pram is just plain weird. So we don’t do that in normal life…so why do we tolerate immature Christians in the church: People who have been saved for 20 years but still have the maturity of a toddler? I appreciate the grace of Jonina Menzies who played the role of a spiritual baby…



31) Christmas Day Service.

We ran the entire service as a Birthday Party for Jesus. Worked awesome.












32) As Moses Lifted up the Serpent on a Pole.


I hope these sermon illustrations have been helpful. My heart is to take the boring bits out of church and to be an effective communicator of the powerful truths of the Word of God. Jesus is the passion of my life and I want to be great communicator of His truths.

Email me at if I can assist you in anyway.

Don’t forget to check out the The Top 20 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations that I have posted previously.

Be Blessed


Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. Very interesting, I just found this page, thanks Pastor Peter Pilt

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  3. You are scratching itching ears… Go back to seminary, or go to seminary whichever applies.

    • Thanks that is so encouraging seeing you neither know me nor have heard me preach. It must be exhausting being inside your mind with so much condemnation.

      What’s that scripture about do not judge?

  4. Do you have any ideas on props for promise in Isaiah 54:17? In this day we need to know and understand this truth. i have been mediating on this scripture for weeks now…..Thanks…When i use props seems people remember the truth better…..for your interest. I just finished preaching on Mosses mother and how she let ‘Mosses go down Nile in basket. i made a basket and put doll in it and sent it down the ai
    sle It made impression on many….Thanks for your thoughts. Chaplain Luanne Haddaway

  5. Peter, pray about your reply brother. search your heart. was not Jesus scrutinized, accused and condemned? Yet He reviled not.

    both of you would do well at the feet of Jesus with 1 Corinthians 13 is open.

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