Things I love about America

Just spent two weeks in LA (seminary intensive), and three days in Pittsburgh (preaching) and during this trip, I was thinking about some of the things I love about America.

  1. The fact that they have Dollar Notes and not dumb dollar coins.
  2. The respect that hold for the Office of the President.
  3. Their patriotism and their love for the flag.
  4. Staying in LA – I feel like I am living in TV land. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Orange County, Burbank.
  5. Jay Leno.
  6. Over dramatic news reporters.
  7. Groundhog Day – It happened while I was here.
  8. The Aussie Dollar being of greater value than the Greenback
  9. The fact that the waitresses keep your glass of diet coke full right throughout the entire meal, and don’t charge you every time they fill your glass up.
  10.  Superbowl Ads.
  11. Tipping.
  12. The friends I have over here – good people.
  13. I love the Americans love of the Australian accent – they always seem to be friendly to me. (mind you over here I seem to always speak with a thicker aussie accent than at home – I work it a bit lol).



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  1. 14. Groundhog Day – It happened while I was here.

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