Brands that I am loyal to

Was thinking this afternoon about Brand loyalty and it   got me thinking about the Brands that I have a long term loyalty too. I define long term as more than 5 years and for the purposes of this blog the brand can’t be a monopoly. So here is my list

1) Coke Cola – I am sure they drink Diet Coke in Heaven

2) QANTAS – Their safety record and the level of service. When I have been overseas for a few weeks, there is something great about boarding a plane and hearing an Aussie accent.

3) Holden – I used to drive a Ford, then I bought a Holden and the next 4 cars I have purchased have all been Holdens.

4) Nokia mobile phones – I have never owned any phone but a Nokia.

5) Channel Ten 5pm News – Been watching it now for about 14 years. Love it. Better than Sky News where they have a 30 min bulletin and 50% of the time is sport.

6) St George Bank. The bank and I have had our problems over the years, but to St George’s credit, they work hard at bringing about an acceptable resolution.

7) Lipton Tea – Best tasting tea of the lot.

8)  Calvin Klein – Most comfortable jocks ever.

9) Flight Centre – Particularly Flight Centre Maroubra

10) Clifton Accountants – Good team of professionals who give good advice.

11) Arnette Watches – my watch always attracts comments.

12) McDonalds – Yep it made the list. I have been eating Big Macs for 25 years and plan to continue the practice.

13) Kawasaki – My ZZR1100 is the best bike I have ever ridden. Its the only vehicle that I have ever had an emotional relationship with.

14) Domino’s Pizza – Love them. Best Pizza of the massed produced variety.

These ones don’t meet the 5 year rule criteria – but I will mention them anyway

1) Fuller Theological Seminary – Really love the format of their online learning environment

2) Apple – I totally love my iPad – best productivity device ever

3) Facebook – Love social media

So what Brands are you loyal to?

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  1. RIP dominos nowra haha

  2. Pepsi Max- have been drinking the stuff ever since it came out.
    Trevi Fountain Nowra- best italian food in Nowra. And relatively cheap,too.
    Coles- I try to avoid the other shops if I can. Beautiful people. Fast service. Good range of specials. And right next to a good butcher.
    Supercoat- doggie swears by the stuff. It’s kind of expensive but cheaper than the vet food and the supercoat sensitive is just as good.
    Camberwarra general store and post office- friendliest people in Nowra. My favourite LPO to pick up from.

  3. What’s in a name? I’ll follow what gives me what I’ve asked for.
    Most, if not all brand names charge for the brand name, therefore I don’t want to buy it. It’s kind of like being a sheep!

  4. I thought you might have mentioned “Cross” in that list somewhere….

  5. Interesting list Pete? In addition to the services these brands provide is price also a factor in defining your loyalty? Or does quality only matter to you?

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