What is read out when Commissioning the Mayor of a City

On Tuesday night the 25th September 2012, I had the honour of praying over the newly elected council and then being part of the robing process as the new Mayor is commissioned. This is what I read out as I did that. I am pleased at the biblical base of this. Here is a short clip of some of the ceremony.


Madame Mayor, Councillors, General Manager, Members of Council Staff, ladies and gentlemen.

We are assembled here to invest the Mayor with the symbols of his office, and to seek the Blessing of Almighty God on the work of the newly elected Council.

We congratulate the Mayor and all Councillors on being chosen by the people to hear the responsibility of government in this City.

The origin of Local Government is found in the divinely inspired work of Moses in preparing the Jews for life in their new land. Elders were selected to govern the people in all their social life. Of the duly selected ten, three acted as administrators and judges in cases of dispute, three were collectors and guardians of revenue, two were teachers, one was an interpreter and one was a chaplain.

In the Christian era, John Calvin at Geneva, with respect for the ancient Jewish system, appointed twelve men to govern the City.

From these, there has been developed systems of Local Government with democratic principles, and of all forms of government, it is certainly the closest to the people.

Local Government began here in 1868, some 144 years ago, when the Municipality of Numbaa was proclaimed.

It is our tradition for the Mayor to wear, on official occasions, a robe and gown, with bands, and a Mayoral chain. They are symbols of important features of the office.


The gown gives dignity and distinction. It is long to cover the whole person. It is worn to put out of sight, or to supersede all merely personal plans and purposes.

As Mayor, you can wear the Gown with honour to yourself, as you give yourself in service for the welfare of this City.


The bands you wear are similar to the two strips of white linen worn by ordained Ministers of Religion, and Judges, Barristers and Lawyers, and others with authority in the administration of Law.

They symbolise learning in Latin and Greek, the ancient cultures that are the foundations of our law and political ideas.


The Chain bears on its links the names of your predecessors in office.

It reminds you of the tradition of government into which you have entered, and the new link in the chain that is placed in line today will join together the past and the future.

Madam Mayor: The people of the Shoalhaven City will ever pray for purposeful and progressive term of office.

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you; and give you peace.

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