The Lord is my I.T. Guy – A contemplative Psalm

I was talking in a recent sermon about how God meets us in our work environment and that we can engage with God in that context. One of the illustrative points was David, the shepherd boy in the Old Testament. He was sitting around one day under a tree, as he was looking after his father’s sheep and he thought, God is kind of like my shepherd, just like I am the shepherd of these sheep. I have everything I need. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul. And thus the 23rd Psalm came into being.

So I was talking with Graeme Campbell about the concept. Graeme is a Computer Man (this is technically not his job title) and so I have written the 23rd Psalm for how Graeme may meet God in his context.


The Lord is my IT guy

He ensures I receive high speed downloads from heaven and that my prayerful uploads go straight to his Inbox

He regularly defrags my heart making sure all sectors functional optimally.

He recharges my battery

Surely in times of viruses, he will be available to me, to clean my life and ensure adequate virus protection for the future.

He backs me up

I know that even though I surf through the valley of, and, he will be there to delete my history and restore factory defaults.

When I am down, your staff, I ring them and they comfort me

Surely, he helps me with my accessories

And I will dwell with him even after my life hits Ctrl Alt Delete.

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  1. Well done! I like it especially the bit about viruses!

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