50 Things that Annoy Me

Today in the news they were talking about a list that has been released of the Top 50 Things that Annoy People. This got me thinking and so I thought I would list a few things that annoy me. So here is the list. Add your things in the comment section. (I also am aware that these are first world problems so you probably don’t need to point that out).

  1. Call Centre operators who can’t speak proper English
  2. Banks with 10 teller spots and only 2 tellers in operation and a queue of 15 people.
  3. People telling me I am being judgmental – because they are being judgmental by telling me that, ignorant in not knowing they are being judgemental and hypocritical by the very act.
  4. The behavior of the Politicians in Question Time
  5. The short term memory of the electorate
  6. The short term memory of the media
  7. The relative value of western lives compared to African and Asian lives in the media’s reporting of accidents and disasters
  8. Reality TV
  9. People that flash their lights at you when you are driving – to get you to turn your high beam down – but they are already down.
  10.  People who complain about how poor they are
  11.  People who complain about our medical system
  12.  People with bad breath
  13.  Individually directed public posts on facebook – like “I am over all your lies – you know who you are”. Sorry but I don’t know who they are and intelligent people know about Direct Messaging.
  14.  Anonymous hate posts on blog comments. If you want to share you vile, vomit of an opinion – have the guts to put your name to it.
  15.  Pictures of cats on Facebook. They should be banned and they have no place in a public forum
  16.  8 cents discrepancy in petrol prices between two servos 300 metres apart and I have just used the dearer one.
  17.  One Direction
  18.  Beiber fever
  19.  Daytime Television
  20. Simpson repeats for the 10th time
  21.  Dollar coins – bring back the dollar note.
  22.  Parking in Sydney and not having coins to put into a coin only parking meter. Its 2013 Sydney Council – time to get eftpos.
  23.  Being declined in a shop because my account has no money left in it.
  24.  People who get way too intense on Facebook particularly commenting on a post that I am clearly not being serious in.
  25.  Facebook friend requests from people in India or Africa that carry the title Apostle – I know that I am going to be bombarded with requests for money dressed up with a lot of Christian jargon.
  26.  People who think I am joking about being President of Australia. I will remember who you are.
  27.  The Dallas Cowboys
  28.  People who say coupon with a Q
  29.  Aliens
  30.  Coke Zero – I mean really?
  31.  Jetstar and Qantas who think that Coke Zero is an ok substitute for Diet Coke. Its not.
  32.  The cost of Parking at Sydney Airport.
  33.  50 Shades of any colour
  34.  Tosh.O
  35.  Long Good byes on the phone. Ok see ya. Bye. Yeah talk to you later. Bye. Just hang up already.
  36.  Hiring a DVD and you are most of the way through and then it jumps and skips and you cant watch the end
  37.  Getting a coke out of a fridge in a servo and realizing that the ones on the shelf in the middle of the store are colder.
  38.  Wives that never ever answer their phones. Ok its not plural here. Let me be more specific. Melanie never answers her phone.
  39.  Phone systems that start off by saying Press one to do this and two to do that. Wish there was a number that said Press 8 to go to our competitors who actually do care about you.
  40.  Disgusting Service Station restrooms
  41.  Running out of tea bags and not realizing until you go to make that first cuppa in the morning.
  42.  Horoscopes
  43.  Poker Machines
  44.  Any conversation that starts with “I don’t mean to be offensive but..”
  45.  Booking into the Doctor or Dentist for the first appointment of the day – and still having to wait for 25 minutes. I mean I AM THE FIRST APPOINTMENT FOR THE DAY – HOW CAN YOU BE LATE ALREADY?
  46.  Blogs that say there is a list of 50 things and then the list only goes up to 49.
  47. Graphic Horror DVD covers being displayed at the height of children’s eyes at Blockbuster Video
  48. People who overshare on Social Media.
  49. Running late.

So what things annoy you?


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21 replies

  1. People who take a million years to reverse park in busy car parks. If you’re not co-ordinated enough to get it right the first time then don’t try it!

    • People who walk into my store right on closing time and expect service for quarter of an hour and because I’m held up serving them, I’m prevented from closing up so a few more stragglers wander in and before I know it, I’m still at the store half an hour after closing!

  2. People who don’t just round to a whole number, like you Pete.. haha. I am sure that is deliberate. You have me. 😛

  3. Anyone in our society who thinks the behaviour of our current government is ok and still supports it. WHY, would anyone support/vote for a government that has a history of backstabbing, and undermining their leader ever again… My understanding of this is called Mutiny -http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mutiny?s=t

  4. Today, the list includes:
    1. Poverty
    2. Debt
    3. Slavery
    4. Hypocrissy
    5. Liars
    6. Sickness
    7. Injustice
    8. When the cleaners put the toilet paper the wrong way in the toilet paper holders
    9. When the stingey water-saving engineers only give you 2 teaspoons of water to flush, so you have to flush everyone else’s ablutions away before you start your own
    10. When people advertise “the best way to save money” and it’s only about spending money
    11. When I can’t find anything to make me laugh on the tele
    12. When the free to air networks delay their “live” coverage by 2 hours for WA
    13. Stupid people
    14. Leaders that are terrible leaders
    15. The fact that we don’t have a President when there’s a perfectly good one available

  5. 50. People who are negative and can’t see any good in others.
    51. Politicians who change the rules so they don’t get sacked.
    52. Politicians who give themselves pay rises then feel embarrassed.
    53. Newspapers that report the world’s bad news – doesn’t anything good happen anymore
    54. Zoos that don’t let you get up close and personal with those gentle creatures but want you to stay behind the bars
    55. Police who insist on breath testing you even after you tell them you’ve only had two cups of coffee all day
    56. Dogs who insist on having the last bark regardless of how angry you get at them.
    57. Ironing that seems to grow in the basket when nothing seems to get washed
    58. Cars that only have mechanical failure outside the city limits. Driving endless within the city, the car preforms beautifully
    59. Fresh veggies that don’t seem to stay fresh more than a few days in the fridge
    60. Bottled water that has a ‘used by’ date – how crazy is that. What happens to water once it expires that date?
    Shall I continue………………….

  6. People who drive into parking lots and don’t take the time to straighten up, or worse take up 2 spaces so that everyone else has to park close to each other to accommodate them!
    Parents who don’t discipline their kids.

  7. People going under the speed limit in the fast lane.
    People on the dole who have no intention to get a job and spend a significant portion of their money on cigarettes
    Continuing to increase the aged pension age limit
    The constant increases in electricity prices. Enough already!
    Extremely materialistic people
    Rude people who refuse to move out of the way for women with prams or trolleys
    People parking in the “parents with prams” spaces when they have don’t have children with them
    People who seem incapable of parking straight and within the lines!
    Skinny women complaining about how fat they are
    Extremely obese people sitting down and pigging out on fast food
    Clothes that look great on the rack but look absolutely disgusting on you when you try them on lol
    Winter time – there is NOTHING good about it!
    My phone not connecting to wifi for no apparent reason
    People who own aggressive dog breeds
    Snoring, omg
    People who buy really large, pointless toys for my daughter. They take up space and I don’t want them!
    People ordering massive amounts of food when using drive through
    Having to wait for ages to fill up with petrol

  8. Pete is it right you have over 6000 followers, do a podcast, blogg about weight loss and making money create a landing page for your awesome once in a life time offer.

    You are funny, thanks for the laugh. We have one thing in common my wife doesn’t answer her phone either.

  9. People who knock Australia’s medical system.
    People who have a sense of entitlement; who are fit and healthy but don’t want to look for work and collect their “pay” from Centrelink.
    People who cry poor, because they are on benefits,BUT spend a minimum of $120.00 per week on cigarettes and alcoholic, not to mention recreational drugs or gambling.
    People who don’t know how blessed they are to live in a great country like Australia,with all it’s warts and all.


  10. 1. When people can’t be bothered responding to your text messages – yet are constantly on Facebook mobile, or constantly have their phone on them 24/7 checking it every 5 mins. I hate it when it says ‘read at *insert time*’ and they clearly can’t be bothered writing back. This is the world of iPhones! I know when you have read my texts!
    2. Slow loading Internet and phone.
    3. Filling out forms over the Internet, and have it all delete on you while you’re in the middle of filling it out.
    4. People who don’t use proper grammar and spelling in text messages.
    5. People who bring you into the middle of their disputes even though you have nothing to do with it.
    6. When blankets fall off the bed in the middle of the night.
    7. People who bale on you last minute when you go to do something with them.
    8. Idoling cars, car door slammings, or loud people outside your house waking you up in the early morning hours.
    9. When you’re cooking something really nice, and you stuff it up.
    10. When people can’t mind their own business.
    11. When the Internet doesn’t work and you have an assignment due.
    12. When you’re trying to plan something and people don’t cooperate with you.
    13. People who don’t realise how great of a person they are, and always put themselves down.
    14. Morning sun shining through your window while you’re trying to sleep.
    15. People who post statuses on Facebook every 5 minutes.

  11. People justifying their actions by saying that everyone naturally does it – foolish excuse
    The ‘missing white woman syndrome’ which the Australia media suffers from
    People trying to gain sympathy from others by using their hardships while blaming others for the way they feel

  12. People who get annoyed about Running late. Better late than dead.
    People who don’t like The Dallas Cowboys, come on, Emmitt Smith played for them!!!! ( for 15 seasons! )

     People who get annoyed with Coke Zero – I mean really? It is zero sugar………
      People who get annoyed with service/products on aircraft.
      People who get annoyed with The cost of Parking at Sydney Airport.
    People who get annoyed with Disgusting Service Station restrooms. People urinate and defecate in there, what do you think will happen?

    People who get annoyed with call centre operators.
    People who can’t do their banking online, or on the phone.
    People who don’t like being called on their ridiculous behaviour/views/ideals
    People who get annoyed with Question Time
    People who get annoyed with the electorate
    People who get annoyed with the media
    People who get annoyed with Reality TV
    People who get annoyed with drivers flashing their lights at them ( they may be wanting you to slow down ).
      People who complain about the poor
      People who don’t think our medical system needs a rethink
     People who smell others bad breath
     People annoyed with Facebook users.
     People who get annoyed with Anonymous hate posts on blog comments.
     People who get annoyed with pictures of cats on facebook
      People who complain about petrol pricing
    People who don’t like One Direction
      People who get annoyed Beiber fever
     people who get annoyed with Daytime Television
    People who get annoyed with Simpson repeats for the 10th time
     People who get annoyed with Dollar coins
     People who don’t like parking in Sydney
      People who are not in the popular mainstream, who think they will be President of Australia.
    People getting annoyed with their Doctor or Dentist

  13. Nice to see you are so human, so flawed.

  14. my ignorant husband, I used to feel sorry, thought he had a hearing problem, after dismissing that conclusion, he is just ignorant

  15. I’m with Lawrence. I like Coke Zero.

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