Morning News Wrap for Friday 29th November 2013

M68!: Morning News Wrap for Friday 29th November 2013. Good Morning. Here is the news. Teenager shot in the ankle in Sydney driveway. Indonesia not rushing to restore ties. SA man murdered police say. Bathurst Public school bans girls wearing shorts. Govt unlikely to hit NBN deadline. Last day for the Kyle and Jackie O  show today after 13 years. Biggest loser contestant leaves wife for younger woman. Indonesian beef cuts unlikely. Peaches Geldoff faces criminal charges for a tweet. A British worker has launched a frantic search of a rubbish dump after accidentally throwing away a computer drive holding $7.5 million in Bitcoin:- Bitcoins are online currency.  Russian torchbearer catches fire during Olympic relay. Quake near Iran’s nuclear plant kills 7 people. Nigella Lawson’s PA was spending $86,000 a month on a credit card. A study shows that cats knowingly ignore owners leading a pastor from Nowra to ask the question: why would you own a cat: dumb little arrogant creatures that probably were created after Adam and Eve fell. UK to follow Aussie lead on plain packaging for smokes. Thai Protestors cut power to Police HQ. China media ramp up rhetoric over air zone. Attack near Russian Embassy in Syria. In the US, a man catches fire, runs into a church for help, church catches fire and kills the pastor. Argentina may put the Pope’s face on a coin. 54 bodies found in mass graves in Mexico. Wall Street up 24 points. Have a good Friday. If you have a cat:- don’t bother patting it – it will only ignore you. Rather – buy a dog.

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