Around Australia Trip – Three Ways Roadhouse to Darwin

Day 5 of my “hug the nation” trip. Speed limit for most of today was 130km/hr. It’s amazing how you can chew through the Ks at the speed. Made it to Darwin by 4pm.


When I set out this morning it was pouring rain. Wasn’t exactly what you would call – high quality accommodation.


It always amazes me though how quickly the weather changes. Just 20 minutes up the road, I grabbed this shot. Love the contrast of colors in the outback.


I travelled through a little place, can’t remember its name and saw this service station. Weird thing is, when I rode my motorbike up here five years ago, it was exactly the same.

It’s the wet season up in the top end and everything is so green, as this pic shows.


I pulled up to look at an old mine that is now a lake and an old man had just had a fall as he walked up the lookout steps. He had hurt himself pretty bad. Bleeding from the head and legs. I wished I had a first aid kit in the car. His adult daughter was going to take him into town. This is the spot too where I had a near death experience. As I am traveling alone, I have a tripod and a timer on my camera for distance selfies and I am trying to be creative with photos of the flag, so I set the camera up and rushed to the edge of the cliff, trying to get the flag right – all in ten seconds and I tripped and fell, almost going over the edge. Here is the mine.


Between Darwin and Katherine there a number of WWII relics and memorials. There are also some WWII airstrips. It’s kind of strange to walk on them and connect with the war of the past:- to imagine planes taking off and defending our mainland against the Japanese.


Check out this sign re fuel. That’s a seriously long way with no coke stops.


Being creative with photos of the Flag.. Here is today’s offering.


I have been amazed at the lack of wildlife that I have seen. No Roos or Emus for two days now. No road kill either. Found this little guy though. Also I have not seen a policeman since the F3 near Gosford.


Tomorrow I head for Kununurra.

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