The Cat in the Hat and a Child in a Stable by Mike McGarrity

Child in a Stable McSeuss - cover

Mike McGarrity is a Pastor from Engadine in Southern Sydney. Mike is a relative of mine and at a recent family Christmas Party shared the Christmas story he had written in the rhyming style of Dr Seuss. I thought it was brilliant and asked for his permission to share it on this blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Its very clever. Thanks Mike and good job.



A poem by Dr. McSeuss (A tribute to Dr Seuss)

T’was the night before Christmas and though that was that
Not a creature was stirring, not a pitter or pat
Then with a bump and a jump, came a cat in a hat
Who made quite a ruckus coming in on the mat.
The cat in the hat saw some gifts by a table
He looked for his name, not on one single label
He remembered the story, as he was well able
With a donkey and shepherds and a child in a stable
A long time ago way back in the past
2000 years past, when the count was made last
When the seasons were changing and light fading fast
The story begins of our history-making cast
A cruel King was reigning in a far distant land
Herod ruled Judea with a strong Roman band
While trouble arose by some young local’s hand
When young troublemakers stood to make a stand in the sand
Awaiting a saviour the nation subdued,
Cowered in submission to this crude, lewd, rude, dude…
Yet change was awakening in a small northern town
Something good out of Nazareth comes wearing a crown
An angel – Gabriel his claim – to a young woman came
With a message he said he had brought in God’s name
The girl – Mary her name – to her husband betrothed
Joseph’s family arranged not proposed we supposed

And the angel said “peace on the earth to all men
and women and shepherds and sheep and children.
God of heaven is pleased,” to the girl Big Gabe said
“Wants you to carry His child… but before you get wed.”
In shock Mary wondered what all of this meant
Could such a strange word truly be heaven sent?
“You’ll be blessed by God’s Spirit and you’ll be with child
You’ll raise the Christ child, Mother Mary so mild.”
“He’ll be God’s own son with a never-ending story
The King of all Kingdom’s revealing God’s glory
He’ll not be a warrior, all blood lust and gory
He’s a star of the firmament and the world will be sorry.”
“You’ll name him Immanuel, he’ll be known as Jesus.
In future we’ll all know that King Jesus Sees Us
The Lord Jesus Nears Us, he hears and endears us
Then when we’re willing our Jesus releases
He’ll never leave us ‘cause our Jesus Frees Us
From Sin, Death and Sickness that can never defeats us”
Mary was frightened, though the message enlightened
and the angel being present the whole night sky brightened
A woman of faith she well trusted God
and though circumstance was undoubtedly odd
she agreed with the Angel, with an approving Nod
“Let it be as God says, let’s let God’s will be done
Let the child come along and let God’s Kingdom come.”

Then Gabriel said, “there’s even more news to bring
than the fact that soon you’ll be bringing God’s King.
There’s some good news to tell,” as he was spreading a wing
“Elizabeth your cousin has it also happening.”
Mary delighted with the deepest delight
And her joy was so bright it could light up the night
Her sweet cousin Liza, butt of old midwives’ joke
Was pregnant with child, if truth this angel spoke
Liza’s boy would be John, Mary set out that day
To help pave the way for one who’d pave a way
For her own son the Christ-child, to make it okay
As he’d go on to share what the Father did say
Approaching the village Liza’s womb leapt with Joy
As the chosen one came, stirring her unborn boy
Her young cousin Mary in the midst of God’s plan
To bring light to the world and salvation to man
Mary returned, to tell Joseph she’s expecting
God’s child yet a virgin, he had trouble respecting
A story like this… so odd and perplexing
He thought he’d be quiet, yet this bride be rejecting
His turn to be shocked… as the angel appears
To disrupt his rejection and challenge his fears
“Mary is a virgin,” it is clear Joseph hears
As he looks to his bride and he blinks back the tears
So this carpenter Joseph did as the Lord said
Took Mary his wife as soon were they wed
And she was with child, though not in a marriage bed
Joseph would raise God’s own Son instead

At this time in the land ruled the Emperor Augustus
Who wanted the tax paid “before these costs do bust us,
These natives are conning us, they do not trust us
They must pay their taxes to the Emperor Augustus.”
So all must be counted – child, woman and man
And all in their hometowns, was Augustus’ grand plan
Cross mountains and valleys, ford rivers, climb fences
Get home to your hometown, fill Augustus’ census
Joseph and Mary travelled quite slowly
Through valleys deep and hills that were rolly
As she was with child, that they knew was holy
Destined to be born in a stable… so lowly
And so in this cave, in the dirt of the earth
Did this young girl Mary face the virgin birth
Of a child all heaven knew had eternal worth
And would to our world bring salvation to earth
She wrapped up her baby and sighed with relief
Surveying God’s child, which was beyond belief
Lying there in a trough, where the animals fed
Now Jesus the saviour lay down his sweet head
In fields close by, shepherds watching their sheep
Were blasted awake from the deepest of sleep
With a chorus so loud that it caused them to leap
And a sound so profound it made the toughest man weep
The glory of God lit the night sky like day
And the angelic host hallelujah did say
There is good news for all a saviour born on this day
And you’ll find this salvation asleep on the hay

Glory to God in the highest, they sang
Peace on the earth.’ As Heaven’s bells rang
The shepherds together went to look for this vision
A child just born, yet inspiring God’s mission
So they found him asleep in the way they’d been told
Tiny and fragile just a few hours old
Wrapped in swaddling clothes, to keep out the cold
From a child with a value much greater than gold
In time some Wise Men would come travelling afar
Seeking this new King bringing gifts in a jar
And a gift of pure gold in a pure golden bar
Looking unto the night sky, as they follow a star
They’ve all made their choices, and towards him they went
Looking for Jesus, the one God has sent
And down throughout history, in their footsteps have gone
Millions of others, all seeking God’s son
Hearing the message, deciding it’s true
Then heading towards Jesus… is one of them you?
What do you make of this story repeated?
Of this child who grows up and of death he defeated
What do you make of that first Christmas day
That changed human destiny and is still told today
What gift will you bring to this child who frees us
It’s your heart, it’s your life that’s important to Jesus

This version of the Christmas story was composed in rhyming style, and is a tribute to the style of Dr. Seuss, whose books are delightful. It is not intended as a copy of his unique style or characters, and is not intended to be represented as if created by him – it’s the invention of another mind to communicate the original Christmas story.

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