Peter Pilt’s Christmas Message for 2013

Traditional Christmas messages inevitably include reminders of our need for salvation and the fact that Jesus is the saviour of the world. I thought I would not state the obvious in my first ever blogged Christmas Message. Instead this Christmas I would encourage you to remember the simplicity of the Christmas message and apply that thought of simplicity into the way you do life: A manger, shepherds and a frightened teen couple – carried the powerful message of Hope. You really don’t get any more simple and uncomplicated than that. I speak to myself right now – uncomplicate your life and keep the main things the main things.

My second encouragement is to stay passionate about the things that are worthy of your passion. When someone cuts you off in traffic – not worth being passionately upset about that. When someone does something you don’t agree with – and ultimately it doesn’t matter – don’t waste your passion on that either. Instead be passionate about the things that actually matter. Your family, Others, Injustice, Your Spiritual walk, to suggest a few. I am often amazed at the misplaced passion I see in people reactions to things through Social Media. Let’s keep stirred about the right things.

My third encouragement this Christmas is to stop and observe the frenzy. Isn’t it great that we live in a country where people can travel around our cities and not fear for their lives – I am thinking about South Sudan and Syria right now. Isn’t it great that we live in a country that our economic system provides reward for effort and that we can then spend the blessing of that on others. I loved observing the generosity frenzy of Shellharbour Square last weekend as people ran around working out what to buy family and friends. So enjoy the pressure and frenzy: we live in a great country.

My fourth encouragement is don’t let the pressure and frenzy get to you and rob you of just enjoying the presence of loved ones. Life goes so quick and we would be wise to stop and savour the moment of being surrounded by family and friends this Christmas. Stop at some point today or tomorrow and thank Jesus for your loved ones. Hug them lots and express your love for them.

Finally, if you are reading this, it means that we have connected some way through social media – Facebook, Twitter or my blog site. Thank you for being part of my world and allowing me to input into your life. I count it an honour to be in your world. I pray God’s blessing and favour be on your 2014.

Merry Christmas my friends.


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  1. Hi Peter.

    Just a quick thank you! I’ve loved your email blog this year, especially your recent trip around oz! You are such an energetic, enthusiast person, although I pity your family just a wee bit maybe! Lol.

    Anyway, may The Lord bless you and your family this Christmas and I pray that 2014 is full of abundant life and favour as you continue to keep us informed, encouraged and entertained.

    Jenny Marshall.

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  2. Peter thankyou for your words of inspiration and encouragement throughout the year. I pray 2014 is a great one for you and your family . I have only met you once – when you married my son – you are a gracious man who loves Jesus -.for that I am thankful. I pray for Gods continued blessing in your life.
    Jacci Young

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