God’s Expulsion from Victorian Schools Overturned.


Last week the Victorian Government banned the expression of religion in any State School. Here is my blog on the topic for further information:


God Banned from Victorian Schools from the 14th July 2014


Over the weekend, the State Chairman of INC Victoria Ps Craig Anderson, received the following communication from the Victorian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby.


Dear Craig

I’m writing with some good news about our campaign to have the ban on prayer groups and Bible study groups lifted in Victorian public schools.

Your calls for the restoration of students’ religious freedom have been heard.

This afternoon the office of the Minister for Education, Martin Dixon, released what is called a ‘standard response’ to Coalition MPs.
It said:
It was never the government’s intention to ban lunchtime student prayer groups or religious clubs at school. The Minister for Education, the Hon. Martin Dixon MP, has directed his department to amend its policy guidance to be consistent with the government’s intent.
The Victorian Government continues to support the principle that freedoms of religion, association and expression must not be impeded.

The Minister has also told ABC radio that students are free to exchange Bibles at school.

I want to thank you for taking action. I hope you will join with me in thanking Mr Dixon for addressing our concerns and for his commitment to freedom of religion and association. His email address is martin.dixon@parliament.vic.gov.au.


Dan Flynn
Victorian Director
Australian Christian Lobby



I think this is a great example of democracy in action and it shows that Christians have a strong voice when we stand united.

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  1. Wow this is amazing news! I am so glad that we with a voice can make a difference.. What made me even more proud is before this news my teen said that she will just give bibles and CD’s outside of the school gate and no one can stop her, she is only 13!! So happy about this 😀

  2. Gods economy wins again …hands up woopwoop YER 🙂


  1. God’s Expulsion from Victorian Schools Overturned. | setapartmummy

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