Morning News Wrap for Wednesday 13th January 2016


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

Sydney Man faces jail over Facebook rape threats.

Man riding child’s scooter in Sydney’s Cross City Tunnel evades police.

Queensland father gives baby girl Oxycontin.

Queensland Premier gets a $6000 pay rise. Is now paid more than Putin and other world leaders….Thankfully the country of Queensland is in healthy order so her dictatorship is intact.

An ER patient has come to the aid of a policeman who was shot with his own gun during an altercation with another man at a Sydney Hospital.

Teenage one punch victim Cole Miller to be farewelled in Brisbane today.

High temps in South Australia produce extreme fire conditions

Teen girl charged with the stabbing murder of a 28 yr old Adelaide man.

Something Yawn about the AFL Club Essendon….sorry lapsed into unconsciousness due to RBI – Repetitive Boredom Injury……people it’s been going on for three years…..just fine someone already.

Oil is now at $30 a barrel. Russia on the brink of bankruptcy.

The guy that was the mastermind of the Bali bombings Abu Bakar Bashir has admitted to supporting a terrorist camp. He is quoted as saying he was ‘obligated to help as a Muslim’. Thankfully world leaders including Turnbull and Obama consistently tell us that Islam is a religion of peace so Bashir’s linking Islam with a terrorist camp is clearly delusional. Phew…Dodged that bullet.

Explosion rocks popular tourist square in Istanbul. 10 people have been killed by a suicide bomber.

A Clever Artic Fox pretended to be dead until it was freed from a trap then ran away….What does the Fox say?….See ya suckers.

UK Newspaper installs sensors to tell when their staff are at their desks.

Man robs US Pet store by shoving a python down his pants.

Car in New York completely freezes over after a lake overflowed. See Pic.

Have a great Wednesday people. You are now briefed.


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