The Story of How I Stumbled Into Doing The Morning News Wrap:- (For 7 Years Now).



For nearly 7 years now I start my morning by flicking on Sky News, and then trolling through six or seven news websites plus one that summarizes the Top Ten News Stories from all the major News Outlets around the world, to come up with the top 15 to 20 news stories of the morning. I then add my bias and opinion, which people then accuse me of being biased and opinionated (HEY PEOPLE I AM NOT A JOURNALIST AND IT”S MY MNW I CAN DO WHAT I DAMM WELL PLEASE) and if possible I then add some humour and recently a Fact of the Day. I also try to add a pic from one of the News stories. Even when I have a pre 6am start I still post the MNW but generally write it the night before. I have learnt from experience that when I do this I need to quickly check the major news sites to make sure nuclear war hasn’t broken out somewhere over night I am missed it. I learnt this the hard way when I posted a MNW at 5am one morning as I was driving to Sydney Airport for a 7:30am flight. I didn’t check the morning news. And this was the day Mick Fanning had punched a shark and people were raging that I missed the major Aussie News story of the day. Whoops lol.

I don’t quantifiably know how many people read the MNW but I estimate about 3000-5000 every day. Possibly more. I love meeting people in churches I travel to and they say ‘Hey I read your News Wrap every morning”. Love it.

So how did it start.

Well I would like to tell you how it was a strategic decision based on some key objective I had, but no. It was at best a stumble.

I still clearly remember one day when I sat at the kitchen bench in my Cambewarra home reading the Daily Telegraph, which in those days I used to have home delivered in actual paper form (so old school right). I made a Facebook post:- What You Will Learn Today Reading the Daily Telegraph. I had so many positive comments and lots of engaging conversations, so the next day I made a similar post from that day’s Telegraph. By the third day it was called the Morning News Wrap and history was made. But in those days FB limited you to something like 360 characters so the MNW was extremely succinct. It’s grown a little in length, detail and attitude. It upsets a few people most days. Some people treat it like it’s meant to be a totally unbiased professional news source. I just smile.

Recently I started a Morning News Wrap blog site which has become insanely popular. Click here to check out the Morning News Wrap Site. 

And that’s how it started


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  1. “I then add my bias and opinion”

    That’s the trouble these days, you just find “news”, i.e. facts. Everywhere you have added opinion.

  2. It’s very difficult to be unbiased these days. Some deny it, you admit it. At least the reader is aware. Just to say (in an unbiased way of course) that I appreciate you taking the time to update us.


  1. 28th January 2017 Morning News Wrap | Morning News Wrap

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