Should Men be allowed into Women’s toilets? WHY THE HELL ARE WE EVEN ASKING THIS QUESTION?????? (There is some swearing in this blog).

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I have lots of thoughts and opinions on this question.

Actually I don’t. Here is the real question? Why the @#%$ are we even discussing this…????? And I am not a swearing man….but this is moving me toward @$#%#

But as I re read the question…..Why would society want men to have access to a female toilet?

Let me repeat that….Why would society want men to have access to a female toilet? Oh its more than that….it’s why would we as a society want to champion and celebrate that men have access to women’s toilets???

Let’s think this through…

Why would a culture who apparently wants to protect women, want to champion men’s access to a woman going to the toilet?

Here is a bigger and weirder question…why do women want this? I hear no outrage from any women’s groups.

Seriously….Have you heard even one comment from BraveHearts…..? NOPE!!!

Why is that?

So I guess women are ok with men sharing a stall.

Ok then!!!

Now most men aren’t creepy….But some are….So I guess women are happy creepy men are allowed into their toilets?

I hear no outrage from any women or women’s groups. Yep I am being repetitive cause as a normal male I am left shaking my head.

Now I hate, as a man being automatically put into a ‘creepy male’ file….I super hate that as I am so not ‘that guy’.

But one in three underage girls are abused in Australia so stats say 30% of Aussie males are weirdos….(harsh stat and maybe a bit less but the point is still the same..)

And our society wants these 30% to be allowed to walk into a girl’s toilet. And not only we are apparently ok with that….but we are going celebrate this as super progressive.

Forget that….what this blog is about is: Why are we as a society applauding allowing creepers into girl’s toilets when 20 years ago we would have been outraged at the very thought?

We are so brainwashed and bullied. Maybe I should say…..Are we so brainwashed and bullied?

A third of our Aussie daughters are sexually abused…..Rape and Domestic Violence is rampant in our nation….but now our culture celebrates men being allowed in our girl’s toilets…

And we call this progressive.

I call it Bullshit… Swearing intended.

The emperor has no clothes.

Few can see it.

Bullshit I say….Most can’t see it.. Most are bullied into silence.



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  1. Why don’t we just have SEPARATE men and Women toilets and ones for LBTGI then everybody’s happy.!!!

    • Anything other than what toilets we already have is going to be excessively costly. As I see it, the easy way out is whatever biological sex organs you have, use that toilet no matter how you are dressed or what you look like. Not a perfect solution but how can we get one for this absurdity?

      • Sorry Neil, but I don’t want to see a man with a mind so warped he’s in a dress and makeup, in the same toilets as my son/grandsons nor the equivalent in my daughter’s/granddaughter’s.

      • I as a woman definitely do not want men coming into our female toilets. We want female toilets! Firstly there is that percentage of men that are creeps and would have raping women on their mind. My biggest concern though is for children, where paedophiles may molest them in the toilet, as they are not strong and very vulnerable. Also young women, having young men in the toilets with them, who have no respect for women and only a conquest or playing out a dare in mind. You can see what type of people would make these kinds of laws. I am definitely not in favour of mixed gender toilets.

  2. We are so loud and animated when it comes to child sexual abuse (and rightly so)
    But i just don’t get that we are seemingly inviting disaster and not a murmur
    This is very strange response

  3. I fully understand your arriving at a need for swearing, Peter. The same has happened to me and for the same reasons! I was quite distressed at this when it started. Then I read an article about swearing in Christianity Today. It wasn’t approving of it, but, looking at reality, the author proclaimed the conclusion, “Profane situations draw out profanities”.

    • I have to confess to saying “b….y” on Thursday in relationship to the absolute stupidity of first, U.S. Congressman Andrew Jackson May, and then the media releasing sensitive military information during WWII which resulted in the Japanese killing approx. 800 men who wouldn’t have been killed otherwise.

  4. There is one seperate exeption to this rule that has some leeway. I watched a video yesterday titled “why should i change my babys diaper on the dirty bathroom floor” or something along the lines of that. Basically highlighting the fact that most male restrooms do not have a change table in them. Do you think its appropriate to take children into female bathrooms for only that perpose.

  5. In the town square in Beenleigh there are unisex toilets as well as some railway stations e.g. Varsity Lakes. Mayor Parker and Turnbull opened the square. It is strange that we thought Trump was creepy when he commented that because he run the beauty contest he could enter the teen beauties dressing rooms. If you have unisex toilets you would have to do away with male urinals. I would not like to be seen zipping up my pants in front of a woman. Also if they did away with urinals one would have the problem of men not sitting and missing the bowel creating unhygienic conditions.Women want to be safe and men do not want to be embarrassed (would definitely want a spray can in the toilet). I would feel safer for my granddaughter going to woman’s only toilet. I think we all want our noises and smells not revealed to any strange member of the opposite sex. Sorry for the potty humor.

  6. When you’re born a man, and it’s so natural to feel like a man, and you’ve got all the man plumbing, it can be really hard to understand how anyone could feel different to their physical truth. I fought it for a long time.

    The absolute biological truth is that there are men, there are women, and very occasionally (1 in 500) there are people born with chromosomal disorders that result is ambiguous genitalia and gender.

    We’re not talking about any of these. We’re talking about the people who, for one reason or another feel like a different gender. It’s not a real thing. If you are born a man but you feel like a woman, and you have surgery to make that happen, you’ll always be a man who looks like a woman. But it makes them happy. We all tell ourselves stories to make ourselves happy even if it’s not a provable truth.

    It doesn’t hurt yourself or others to call a trans-gendered woman, a woman. He had a painful and confusing upbringing and found a way to get her life in order and find happiness (by losing ha-penis).

    No one is being raped by Trans-women in public bathrooms any more than they’re being raped by lesbians in public bathrooms.

    People who deal with this. Most of them have suffered. They’ve had to overcome difficulties that many of us don’t about their very identity. It’s confusing for them and confusing for us. But I think that leaving a gap for people stories, having patience when they believe in something you find ridiculous, makes everyone a bit happier and everyone a bit better.

    Also your stats are off. 30% of women can be creeped on by the creepy 1%

    With respect,

    • What percentage of transgender people would there be in the population. Would they be able to use disabled toilets.

      • For sure they could, but it misses the point of why it’s important. Their position is that they feel most normal when they are physically a certain way and are treated a certain way. They, like everyone, don’t want to be excluded from who they feel they are.

        How people feel is important. Just as how Peter feels is important. This problem doesn’t have a perfect answer. But the best solutions will involve empathy and understanding on all sides.

    • “It doesn’t hurt yourself or others to call a trans-gendered woman, a woman.”

      But Dea you’re lying to yourself, lying to him and perpetuating the myth that HE is a woman rather than a man who has cut off his penis.

    • You can’t prove his stats are off. He admitted they could be off. It’s an estimate. 30% of women could have been creeped on by 100%. No one knows. Highly unlikely it’s 1%.

      With respect, honestly

  7. The whole thing is totally absurd. If you have a Y chromosome you’re a man and nothing will change that.The Earth seems to be passing through some ‘stupid gas.’ Lets hope it come out the other side back to normal.

  8. Funny report from a friend in Sweden a country known historically for liberal policies. “There is an open-air swimming-bath in Malmö, in the sound between Sweden and Denmark. It has been there for ages, devided between men and women. It’s quite possible and has been so for decades, to swim naked there. Up til now. Now it has been declared unisex naked swimming once a month, and what happens? It’s quite obvious that men take the chance to go there and watch women. Many women have stopped going there, to this place which for so long has been a resort.”

  9. I entered the female toilets in a cinema recently and found a toilet with the seat up. I had never seen that before. I thought, this is a sign of the times. Obviously there are already men, dressing like women, who are using women’s toilets. As such, they are probably not a problem. By why make toilets “genderless” and invite everyone into any toilet they feel like using? If a person looks and dresses like a particular sex, no one would know anyway. Let’s just leave things as they are. It sounds safer to me, Peter.

  10. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of women. I have voiced my exact concerns on social media. One of the problems women have in speaking up is our voice is not heard. Most women feel powerless and that our voice is squashed. I am not part of a women’s group to get my voice heard. I wouldn’t know where to start.

  11. Agree with everything you have said on this subject. Forgive me I didn’t even know it was on the agenda. Satan is alive and well on planet earth and will use any means to downgrade the morals and safety that in the past have been fought for. Thinking of the suffragetes, they would be tearing their hair out!

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