Christian Ethics whilst using Facebook.


I think Facebook and Twitter are fantastic. But I see Christian’s making some basic mistakes in the Social Media world – when it comes to living out their Christian faith and witness on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some guidelines that I would suggest are the basics for any Christian who desires to be a godly witness in the Social Media world and the real world.

  • Don’t swear on Facebook.
  • Understand that what you write in the privacy of your home – which kind of gives the sense of it just being you and your computer – is being read very widely – so don’t put overly personal information on your posts.
  • Be careful you are not reactive on Facebook. Think through your posts and if you read something that upsets you – make a comment on it the next day, if at all– when you aren’t so emotional. Saves regretting angry posts.
  • Be mindful that once you put a photo on the internet – it’s pretty much there for good. Sure you can delete the photo – but how many people downloaded and it shared it before you hit the delete button.
  • Understand that your Christian witness can be very effective on Facebook or you can look very hypocritical. Telling everyone about how great church was on Sunday is fantastic, then telling everyone you have had a @$#@ week and you are going out to get blind drunk on Friday – sends mixed messages. Be consistent.
  • When you hit the LIKE button, you are endorsing the photo, the comment or the page – so think it through before liking something that is contrary to your faith.
  • Facebook is great but needs to be controlled from the viewpoint that, is it taking the time we used to spend praying and reading the bible? Spiritual Disciplines should always come first.
  • Don’t have fights on Facebook. If you and your friend are having a disagreement – sought it out one on one. Having a public tiff comes across as immature.
  • Understand what text language actually means before using it. Example OMG or LMFAO – just because its short hand shouldn’t make it acceptable to use bad language or take God’s name in vain.
  • Don’t gossip or be involved in gossip conversations.
  • The bible says in Proverbs that a good name is to be chosen above silver and gold – be intentional with your reputation, which means being mindful of what you post and the impact that has on your reputation.

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  1. Thanks, Peter, for another helpful and thought-provoking blog post. Please, keep them coming! I hope that you get feedback from one of your readers letting you know that it has helped them to be a better advertisement for Jesus through stopping to think before posting.

  2. Thanks Peter for such an excellent article. It is a much needed item today. God bless.

  3. Dear Pastor Peter Pilt,

    Brilliant write-up – timely and relevant in bullet points!

  4. So true 🙂

  5. These are all good and valid points. Howver on reading them I don’t think they are generally ‘Christian’ points. Of the 11 points made, 9 are basic common sense and should apply to everyone, (not posting too much personal info, not posting pictures you would not want seen etc). The others can equally apply to living a Christian life in any context – i.e. going to church then having a @#$% week and getting blind on Friday sends a hypocritical message whether it is broadcast on Facebook or not. Living that way is hypocritical. “Don’t swear on Facebook”, would be better written as “Don’t swear”, since that is a far more whole of life Christian perspective. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ‘and the hand types’. Living with a genuine attempt to foster Godliness in all aspects of life, through the spirit is what should be preached, rather than trying to get into nitty gritty about details.
    For me Christianity is about the ‘dos’ of learning to live a Godly life through the power of the Spirit as revealed by Gods word and enabled by the saving Grace of Jesus, often failing and learning, far more than the ‘don’ts’ of petty rule making which often overtakes human endeavour.

  6. Thanks Peter. As usual, an excellent and thought provoking post. Great stuff.

  7. Would you have any ideas on how to help this family, please Pete?THE INSPIRATION AND DEVESTATION LIFE OF LEGENDARY AUSTRALIAN MUNDARA KOORANG (MUNDY)
    Introducing an update of Novy Rich, Mundy`s wife.
    Many of you may already be acquainted with the lovely Novy Rich and her beautiful family .Not to mention Novys many talents, creations, abilities in her arts, crafts and Cakes and the generosity in which Novy gives with her time and creativity in making your cake unique just for you.
    Many of you may not realize that Novy only charges $50.00 and a donation, which only covers the cost of the cake, not for her time or creativity. If calculating the time novy just spends towards each cake, they should cost a minimum of $120.00; Novy only charges these low prices as she is aware of the low economic climate the area of the south coast is enduring.
    WHY?-For those whom don’t know Novy- Novy is a talented and creative, intelligent women who does and has done so much for the community, offering support and friendship along side with her contribution, and now it is this family who are in need of a helping hand, support and some financial gain.
    Novys dedication in caring for her family has put the family in a devastating predicament, and Novy is no longer able to keep up mortgage payments on there family home and is being made to sell. Not only has the house been a stable and homely dwelling for Novy, it offers familiarity, routine and ideal setting for Novys husband and also Beautiful son Koo, now 20, who was born with Autism and Cerebral Palsy to live in and security for their gorgeous daughter April as well.
    To go through the stress of removing the family from their home could have detrimental effects on everyone’s health and abilities both mentally and physically.
    Donations or any other assistance, e.g. (bulk ingredients for cakes) flour, sugar, white chocolate, which may help make the life of novy and her family easier, would be greatly appreciated.
    I am hoping for Novys friends, family and the community in which Novy has given so much to will now dig deep in there hearts and return the favor for a family whom really deserve some love and support back. It would be amazing to come up with a mortgage repayment at the least ……..If you can help monetarily or in any other way or know anyone who may help, please contact me on
    Email:, or http://www.facebook .com/marg.smith.182 or Mob: 0416 583033
    Margaret Smith
    Mundara Koorang
    Mundara Koorang is an Australian Aboriginal artist, designer, teacher, elder, actor, and author.
    Mundara was born in 1952 in the Eora (Sydney) NSW area and is a descendant of the Gamilaroi people. Mundara’s grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother was all born in the Barwon River, Brewarrina area.
    In 1992 Mundara owned and operated ‘Jay’s Auto Stables’ and was recognized as one of the best spray painters in the vehicle industry. Due to illness he had to close the business and hence began his education. His first introduction to education began with a short security license course at Naamoro in Sydney where he also ran panel beating and spray courses for young Indigenous men. Shortly afterwards Mundara completed a media course at Naamoro and won a scholarship to the Center of Photography, to undertake a course in black-and-white photography. In 1993 Mundara completed a CABE course at the Eora College in Chippendale, Sydney, a CGE course in 1994 and a Fine Arts Course in 1995. In 1995 he won the Faculty Award for Aboriginal studies, being the first Indigenous person to do so as well as the Qantas Encouragement Award at the AJC.
    In 1996 Mundara began his Bachelors Degree in Adult Education which he completed in 1998 at the University of Technology in Sydney. Mundara was chosen in 1998 to represent the University at the International First Nations Indigenous Youth Education Conference in Wellington, New Zealand. He went on to become a founding member of its alumni organization. Mundara also taught several TAFE classes during that year.
    In 1999 Mundara began a Masters Degree, discovering after one year that he was an insulin-dependent diabetic. He took 2000 off to recover and returned to the University of Technology in 2001 to restart from the beginning a Masters Degree in Indigenous Social Policy, which he has completed. Mundara is on sabbatical from a Doctorate of Education.
    Mundara is the Managing Director of the House of Koorang Pty Ltd, a wholly owned and operated Indigenous art and design wholesale and manufacturing Company, the largest Aboriginal owned wholesale and manufacturing company. He was also a director of NIAAA at the request of the Late Dr Charles Perkins. The first product in the market place to contain the ‘Label of Authenticity’ was Mundara’s.
    He taught literacy & numeracy, science, cultural studies, legislation, art & drawing and history at TAFE and outreach schools. Mundara is currently the only known male Aboriginal educator in a correctional facility, where he teaches literacy & numeracy and cultural studies.
    The ‘Indigenous Cultural Protocol Request Form’ was created by Mundara for all Indigenous organisations and communities to use when approached for photographs,items,interviews,dance,songs and images.
    Mundara has had numerous major and collective exhibitions internationally and nationally and has won many art, photographic, and sculpture awards. These include the inaugural ‘Sorry Day’ Poster competition, the 1999 David O’Chin Photographic Award and a commendation from the David Unaipon Writers Award for a book of poetry entitled ‘Say You’re Sorry’.
    In 1995 he was invited by the Australian Ambassador in Bonn, Germany to hold a major exhibition in Cologne, Germany as part of ‘Experience 95’. This exhibition opened the door for future Indigenous contemporary artists to exhibit in Europe. His artwork was exhibited at one of the first Australian Indigenous exhibitions in Moscow, Russia. On his return to Sydney NSW he held the largest sole artist exhibition in Australia at the Woolloomooloo Gallery.
    The cover and illustrations for the widely used law book Indigenous People and the Law in Australia were created by Mundara, as well as the illustrations for the ‘Mabo Land Rights’ Packages for law students and the community.
    ‘Alcheringa Spirit’ an Australian Limestone sculpture displayed in the foyer of the ATSIC Commission in Sydney was sculpted by Mundara.
    Other activities
    Mundara has donated to and sponsored a multitude of Indigenous and non-Indigenous community organizations, such as the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, and the Cancerian Foundation. His sponsorships include trophies for the South-east Queensland Indigenous Sports Awards, respite centres, the Beenleigh, Beau desert and Logan Combined Housing, children’s hospitals, Link-up, Juvenile Justice and state primary and high schools. Mundara sponsored a boxer competing in an overseas tournament, an athlete attending the Canberra Sports Clinic, and an Illawarra Indigenous rugby team, just to name a few.
    One of Mundara’s primary passions is copyright law and justice for Indigenous contemporary visual and performing artists, and changes to the legislation that permits the importation of imported products from Asia that are passed off as authentic Aboriginal products. His work in this area consists of sharing information on copyright law, contract building and negotiation, and all facets of beginning and operating Indigenous businesses.
    As an actor Mundara has appeared in the ABC’s mini series ‘Heartlands’, GP, Water Rats, Police Rescue, Wildside and a feature film called Race the Sun starring James Belushi.
    In 2005 Mundara published a Dreamtime story entitled The Little Platypus and the Fire Spirit.
    ^ “Website Detail – Mundara Koorang”. Government of Australia Culture and Recreation Portal. Archived from the original on 2008-07-26. Retrieved 2009-01-25.
    ^ “The Little Platypus and the Fire Spirit”. Aboriginal Studies. On 16 March 2009 Mundara and his wife opened their first retail gallery store at House of Koorang Gallery, Shop 1/90 Worrigee Street, Nowra NSW 2541. 2009-01-25. This had to suddenly close due to the Real estate selling the building, with only two weeks notice given.
    Last two years
    by Novy Rich on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 11:48pm •
    My husband is Mundara, most call him Mundy. In February 2009 he went to work at the Dillwynia Women’s Correctional Centre in Windsor, Sydney, as the Aboriginal literacy and numeracy and Aboriginal educator. I found him this position so I hold a lot of guilt for what happened to him there. The only reason he went there in the first place was because he thought that when the new goal at Nowra was completed he would be able to apply for a transfer and come home. Windsor is about 250kms from our home and for the previous two years he worked in Sydney at TAFE, Long Bay, Petersham Outreach and a youth detention centre as an educator part time. In the early days he would drive back and forwards each day, a round trip of 500kms. Our daughter and Mundy eventually got a flat in Sydney; my daughter was at uni and is also a teacher. So Mundy would spend the week in Sydney working and drive home on Friday nights to return on Sunday morning.
    His boss at Dillwynia , her boss, the Mosby and his co-worker were selfish and uncaring. At first, hubby enjoyed his job, he got on well with the inmates and security, but then the bullying and harassment began by his boss and co workers. Over a period of two years it got really bad and the intensity of the bullying at times was overwhelming for Mundy. Mundy didn’t believe he had a voice as he was still on probation and he was afraid that he would not be able to transfer if he said anything about what they were doing to him. One took delight in embarrassing and humiliation Mundy especially in front of the Aboriginal inmates, knowing that Mundy is an Elder. Both he and his boss convinced Mundy that he was under 24 hour surveillance and that he was being watched all the time. The treatment Mundy received from them was in no short term barbaric. There boss is also to blame as she played down what was happening and did her best to make Mundy feel incompetent; she treated him disgracefully and handled each situation shamefully and unprofessionally.
    A few months before Nowra correctional centre opened, some big knob from Nowra went to see hubby at Dillwynia and offered him a position in Nowra. Apparently there was no such thing as a transfer, he simply just had to apply in writing for the position, which he did. Towards the end of 2009 hubby won the Department of Corrective Services Humanitarian Award, however he was disciplined by and other employees for showing too much humanitarianism towards the inmates and security staff.
    Mundy worked at Dillwynia for 2 years…2 years of bullying and harassment. He had a breakdown in September 2010 and was admitted to the Mirrabook mental health hospital in Shellharbour. Four days after he was admitted, the job at Nowra goal came through. The specialist at the hospital said that he had been bullied so much that he had multitudes of ischemic (silent strokes) attacks in the left temporal part of his brain, which in turn started a domino effect across his brain. The psychiatrists at the hospital started him on an antipsychotic drug called Respiridan. This turned my hubby into a vegetable. It took me ten months to get Mundy off this drug only to find out that it causes brain damage. Hence I have not heard my hubby laugh or tell his silly jokes since just before he started the drug.
    Human Rights stated that all the occasions where staff member racially discriminated against Mundy and the Aboriginal inmates could not be used in court because racial words were not used, and racial actions are not accepted in a court of law. I made an official complaint to the Department of Corrective Services and they in turn brought in their insurance company to do the investigation. The insurance company had me take Mundy to their psychiatrist in Wollongong. This psychiatrist wrote in his report that the mental damage that Mundy had received from 2 years of bullying and harassment was the responsibility of those named and the Department of Corrective Services. When the investigation came to an end the report from the insurance company did not include the report from their psychiatrist and the only people who were interviewed where the three accounted for the bullying. The Teachers Federation Union of which Mundy was a member and Legal Aid both stated that the report from the insurance company was biased and illegal. However, in order to pursue the case I needed funds, which I didn’t have and they stated that the Department of Corrective Services stated that because I did not acquire an MRI on my husband before his commencement of employment at Dillwynia I could not prove Mundy did not have any underlying problems I would not win anyway. So we received no workers compensation and they continue to work for DCS. There boss now works at the Nowra Correctional Centre.
    When I first made my complaint to DCS I received a call from the governor of the Dillwynia Women’s Correctional Centre. She stated that she was sorry for not doing anything even though she was aware of what was going on. A security guard also rang me to say he was sorry for what had happened to Mundy and that he regretted now doing anything at the times he witnessed the bullying. DCS turned their backs on Mundara and ignored any and all further letters and complaints I made. All I wanted was to have my hubby back….
    Over the first year of hubby being ill he went regularly to a local psychiatrist and he saw five others at the request and/or demands of DCS. The last one was in October last year and he said that Mundy would not make it to Christmas. Well he did, Mundy has lost a lot of weight, he no longer has to have his diabetic injections, or use his sleep apnea machine, which he has done so for the past 25 years and he is now on a low dose of blood pressure pills, not the high dose he has been taking for many years. He is now 105kgs, he was about 180 when he began working at Dillwynia but lost a lot due to stress and fatigue, and I have managed to get him down further now. Physically he is better than he has been in a very long time. Mentally he is not…. The diagnosis for Mundy is mixed dementia and global atrophy… how much time has he, no one knows. I keep him as well as I can. He has been in and out of hospital quite a few times over the past few months because he keeps hemorrhaging, due to a lesion on his small bowel. They could operate but the doctors say that the risk of him dying during the operation is considerably high…
    Writing this is very difficult for me and I have to keep stopping, cause I am a big sooky. Mundy has been my soul mate for 33 years, he is my hero, my best friend, he always made me laugh with his silly jokes and antics, and he had the greatest laugh. We would every single day talk for hours; I think that was the mainstay of our marriage. When I first met him I nearly lost my job because he would ring me about 28 times a day. Just before the breakdown he still rang me the same amount of time. Having him working in Sydney and only coming home on weekends was hard as we are very close and not used to being separated so much and he so missed our youngest son Koo. The past two years have been very difficult, I have suffered with depression all my life and have however managed to overcome many things such as an abusive first marriage, losing half of my lung to cancer in 95, a spinal disease, sciatica, chronic migraines and the loss of seven babies. I think this situation with my hubby and what has happened to him and why is the hardest battle I have had to endure. I will be honest and say that I have had times when I think that I can’t do this anymore, and times that I am hurting so much that it becomes chronically overwhelming. I have hubby here but I feel alone, I can’t share anything with him and we can’t make decisions together any more. It takes every ounce of energy at times to get out of bed and keep going. Creating the cakes I do has helped to redirect my focus and I think it keeps me somewhat sane to a point. I am blessed to be able to make a cake that brings smiles to the faces of children and yes adults as well.
    The bank has reduced my mortgage payments slightly but only under the proviso that I sell my home of 30 years. So for me I am not only losing my hubby but my home as well. I am blessed to have had the time that I have had with Mundy and I am blessed to have beautiful children. Our youngest son Koo has autism and cerebral palsy and is the most politest and respectful human being on this planet. I apologies if it sounds like I am complaining, I just wanted to say on paper what is in my head I suppose. Some friends are trying to help and I find this very difficult. I am not used to it, I have always done things for myself and I am usually the one who helps others…so to them please excuse me if I sound ungrateful, I am not! I love you all. I have fostered so many boys into my home that I cannot remember how many there were and I have been there for anyone and everyone if they needed a hand. When I first met my husband he was illiterate, until I taught him to read and write and from there he went to college, then to university and became a teacher. He dedicated his life to teaching other adults to read and write. I so wish you could have all known him before he became ill, you would as everyone else did that met him from politicians to the homeless loved him. So to my friends I say I love you too and thank you just doesn’t seem enough……
    Please, if you can contribute to this family in any way, please, please contact me. I have direct bank details for Mundy and Novys home loan and any small amount would be appreciated greatly!
    Thank you for your time and support,
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Marg Smith
    The direct account for the home loan is in the name of G Rich CBA BSB 062585 Account 10457914… PAY PAL Account is

  8. marg Smith, you are not aware that whats happening to the ‘Rich’ family is exactly what God wants them to suffer, I am the oldest son, Yvonnes (NOVY) first son, and I went through more abuse than you could imagine, from the age of 6 is was beaten and abused by Graham (Mundy), I was dropped off the top of a bunk bed to the floor which nearly broke my arm, I still have no idea why he did it, then as I got older the brute used to beat me so hard he would break knuckles punching into my head, I would be hit SO hard I would loose control of my bowels and then sometimes would have to go to school like that, I had lumps on my head from being beaten, so the kids at school called me ‘rough cut’ cause they thought I had uneven hair from being cut, I had no friends because I would show up at school with soiled pants and tears running down my face, and the so called ‘lovely’ Novy was just as bad, once she rammed my head into the concrete corner with such force it busted the front of my face open and blood poured out from it like a hose, I was bandaged and sat on the couch and given the day off school, no doctor, no stitches, no one knew, one of her favourites was using metal egg flips on my legs which would bleed then Id have to sit still in class, her use of the power cord and belt often would leave marks up to the top of my head down to my ankles, yes it was wrapped around my head with the buckle, she would also try to rip my head off literally by pulling my hair from side to side with all her strength, yet they receive all this acclamation, and a humanitarian award, what a joke, the house they live in has a front room that they paid 17k for just to soundproof the room, the walls have a built in vacuum that all you have to do is stick a hose in and away you go. the house was spared no expense when they built it their net worth was approx 2M and now they supposedly have nothing?, well Yvonne and Graham can go back to dealing drugs again like they did to get themselves all their money in the first place, People should be careful who they champion as the person or people who you champion may really be the cruellest, nastiest people who shouldnt own a dog let alone be allowed to breed!
    This is the will of God that they be made to suffer as I have suffered all my life from the abuse of these two animals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Praise God that he has shown them such mercy as I have none for them. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE!

  9. My name is Sylvia, Im am the Partner of Adrian whom is the 1st born son of Yvon but now know as Novy ( she reversed her name ) The spirit has guided me to give this testimony in regards to this. I meet and feel in love with Adrian 10 years ago, he was a very hurt and troubled young man due to the abuse he had gone through in his childhood, it was very difficult in our relationship as he was treated so harshly in his childhood, God had given me a calling my love is unimaginable for Adrian, he used to ask me why I love him so unconditionally, all i could say was God had made it that way. With time and a great deal of love, the birth of our 1st child then our 2nd child, Adrian heart was slowly on the mend but he could not let go of the bitterness of his childhood After hard times and difficulty paying our mortgage 4 years ago, I was saved through a wonderful church, and it broke my heart that Adrian could not let go of this deep pain, I started to pray earnestly for God to mend his brokenness and one day out of the blue Novy contacted Adrian through Facebook, I was elated God was listening, this was a chance for God to work and mend his heart things seemed to be good as they where speaking via Facebook. Now with our 3rd child our financial situation was not going well and we lost our home in Sydney and would not be able to rent in Sydney due to the high price so I suggested we move to Nora to be close to his mother whom was the only relative we have in Australia ~ I thought this would be a great opportunity to restore things between him and his mother,and the kids could have a grandmother, so we packed it all up and headed to Nowra to look for a place to rent, we stayed in a cheap caravan park while looking for rentals, it was hard and nothing seemed to be going right. I was disheartened and question God at why he was not paving the way. We visited Novy in her lusciously beautiful Big two story home where her and Koo resided. She seemed very distant to Adrian, me and the kids and I prayed for her heart to soften towards us, this may take some time i thought , but in the months that passed with no success of a rental and she became more distant, I would tell her about where we looking for a place close to her and she would tell me that there are alot of in this area, it became obvious she did not want us close to her, Adrian was ready to forgive but she become angry when Adrian’s childhood was mentioned an claimed he was making it up, God had given her a chance to humble herself and make things right, but she was full of pride and would have no part of it. she turned nasty so we decided to head for the Mountains.I was left feeling it was a bad idea to go to Nowra as Adrian was now so shaken and wanted to seek revenge so i prayed harder and God is good, he came to Adrian in a dream and told him to leave it with him and not seek revenge to be patient and watch. So Gods peace came over Adrian, God truly had blessed us now in the mountains and our Family is well and happy and God has made this possible. I have no ill feelings towards Novy she is the grandmother of my 3 wonderful children, I pray she finds God, as she claims to be an atheist and knows he is a God of forgiveness , I also pray that she changes her ways from the occult as she reads peoples cards for money. It troubles me to think she is deceiving my Brothers and Sister with her lies to obtain funds from good God serving Christians. Deuteronomy 11:16

    • * “she would tell me there are a lot of Photofiles in her area ” sorry there is no edit i should have reread before posting ~ there is no edit ~ May God bless you all ❤


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