An Open Letter to the Easter Bunny


Dear Mr E. Bunny.

Love your work.

I am possibly your biggest fan.

I think you are one of the greatest preachers I know for the cause of Christ around this Easter period. Love your props. Chocolate Eggs? Brilliant! What a great way to communicate the powerful truths of the message of Easter in a non threatening Missional way. You sir, inspire me.

From what I understand, these are the ten basic points of your message:-

1) You are using eggs because they are round – a circle with no beginning and no end, which represents eternity – time with no beginning and no end – of course Easter deals with the issue of where we will spend the eternities so this symbology is accurate, and beautifully communicated.

2) Eggs are eggs and eggs represent the potential of new life. We have new life in Christ, in fact it’s like we have been born again, born a second time where the old things are passed away. Easter represents that birth point, so eggs are very poignant.

3) Obviously, you have used the chocolate eggs in the knowledge that the best way to experience an Easter egg is get it inside you. Red Tulip Easter Eggs are my favourite. Anyway this illustrates the best way to experience Jesus, is to get him inside you, into your heart and life. Again I must compliment you on the creativity of your preaching props. So engaging and powerfully and tastefully communicating great truths.

4) I know that some people don’t believe in Easter Eggs. However not believing in Easter eggs, doesn’t make them go away. Just like not believing in Jesus doesn’t make Him go away. Again great symbology.

5) I am not sure who first asked you to be a preacher of the Easter message but it was great that they chose a rabbit. My daughters have bunnies and they breed like, well um, rabbits. I am assuming Easter bunnies were chosen, as rabbits multiply in abundance, and we as Christians are called to multiply disciples, by telling others about Jesus. So you Mr E Bunny are a powerful reminder that we are called to tell others about Jesus and reproduce ourselves in a chain of grace passed on from generation to generation.

6) I have eaten a few of your eggs in the past and I Love the fact Mr Bunny, that you have used markings on the eggs. I have noticed you never get a smooth egg. This is a brilliant representation of the stripes that Jesus took on his body – by His stripes we are healed. Powerful and Biblical.

Opened chocolate Easter Eggs in a pile amongst their colourful foil wrappers with one large egg broken in half

7) The empty tomb is represented by the hollow eggs. Outstanding. How did you come up with this stuff? The power of the empty tomb can’t be argued away by a Post Modern generation. Death didn’t hold Christ and He rose three days later. An essential truth to our faith. Love it.

8) From my experience you have to unwrap an Easter egg to enjoy it’s full benefits, which I know is you illustrating that you have to unwrap the message of the cross to enjoy it’s full benefits. I mean you can admire them from afar but it’s not until you unwrap the egg that you get to experience the benefits of the egg. People need to unwrap the Easter message to see that it’s a message of outrageous and undeserved love. It’s a scandal of biblical proportions.

9) I am guessing that the reason that most of the Easter Eggs that I have seen are brown, is because you wanted some way of representing the cross, (brown wood) the implement that was used to kill Jesus, who took the place of punishment for our sin as he lay down his life for us .

10) From my experience Mr Bunny, If you try and keep your Easter egg and not open it but just carry it around, it goes away. It melts, it gets old, it gets lost, the dog eats it. If we do not accept the invitation to receive Jesus Christ during this life, the invitation goes away. There are no post mortem second chances.

Mr E Bunny, thank you for the passion and consistency with which you preach Christ year after year after year during the Easter Season. I love how early these days the shops put your preaching props up for sale. I love how eager they are to get the message of Jesus out at Easter.

Yours Sincerely

Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. Peter, while this is creative, this is no way reflects what the eggs symbolize. They symbolize the pagan (cananite) fertility festival that predates Christ by many years. This is also an example of how marketing gets to set the truth we believe

  2. Great message Peter, thanks!
    May all who celebrate Easter crave Jesus like we do chocolate! Have shared on fb.

  3. Easter eggs may have originated in a pagan festival, but let’s reclaim them for Jesus! Well done Ps Peter!

  4. Ha…..pretty clever, I like ir!!!!

  5. Love it! So going to enjoy a big choccy egg this weekend while thinking of this hehe 🙂

  6. great original message.Let’s turn it all around for Jesus and use all these things for Him. He gets all the glory. Good job Pete!

  7. For those who were not supportive of this message…’s an object lesson, a very successful way to teach children Biblical concepts. The egg is also a symbol of new life in spring and is therefore applicable. Many Christian holidays had pagan things in their beginning, but the Old Testament is full of events where GOD used evil, pagan sinners to His glory and for His plan. If even ONE CHILD gets the message of salvation through this, it’s worth it. Keep up the good work and leave the results to God.

  8. Hmmm… I think I need to go buy more E eggs…I bought only the filed kind. What a problem! I love the article Peter…well done!

  9. i came back to your blog Peter to wish you many many Red Tulip Easter eggs this Sunday 🙂 Keep preaching the Good News my Friend 🙂

  10. Well done. We hijacked a pagan festival and arranged it to become Christmas to present the birth of Christ and I think its great that we defend the true meaning of Easter to keep the message relevant to children by using a very present attack on Easter and using it to our advantage. If we don’t then they will grow up believing more in the bunny than in the one true living God. Very well written

  11. The Easter Egg…A Christian Symbol?

    People around the world, since long before the coming of Christ, have observed traditional spring rites for a season of new growth and fertility begins. Symbols and myths go back far into the distant past of humanity. The Romans had the proverb — Omne vivum ex ovo / All life comes from an egg.

    Christ emerged from his tomb almost 2,000 years ago. From the first days Christians have expressed their joy in Christ’s new life by every type of symbol or ritual. They took to the ancient and natural symbol of the egg, by adding their own new and supernatural meaning.

    So Christians “baptized” the egg as a symbol of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. Christians saw the egg’s shell as a symbol of the protective darkness of the life-giving tomb; a hatching chick represented the risen Christ emerging from the tomb on Easter morning. The egg’s shape, with neither beginning nor end, was a symbol of eternity. It clearly is also the “womb” of the tomb, where the Crucified was given new life.

    So, new life emerges from an egg — Christ emerges alive from the tomb, formerly just a place of death. Life begets a new generation of life coming out of an egg. Christ generates new life for all creation…putting death to death!

    The best egg is an empty egg… hatched out… purpose fulfilled…a new life begun. The best tomb is an empty tomb. The Lord whom you seek is no longer here, for He is risen just as He said! said the angel.

    Here is a Polish legend —
    On the first Good Friday a man was taking a basket of eggs to market to sell. On the way he put the basket down and ran to help Christ carry the cross. When he returned, the eggs were supposedly decorated in beautiful colors and designs.

    Christians have thus colored eggs with bright colors and ornamental designs. Kings and popes have given eggs out because an egg speaks so clearly about newness, a promise fulfilled, a new life begun, death left for dead in the tomb, hope ricocheting around the universe, love conquering fear, peace arching over the world like a rainbow.

    Pope Paul V (1605-21) used this prayer of blessing for eggs —
    Bless, O Lord, we beseech you, these Your creatures of eggs, that they may become a wholesome sustenance to Your faithful servants, eating in thankfulness to You, on account of the Resurrection of Our Lord.”


  12. That is one of the best Easter Bunny letters I have read. Love it Pete 👍🏻


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