Best Sermon Series on the End Times I Have Ever Heard.

I attend an ACC church here on the Sunshine Coast and the Senior Pastor is Ps Josh Bradford. He has just finished a Sermon Series on Revelation and the End Times. I have heard a lot of sermons on this topic over the course of my life and I have to say that this series is the best sermons on this topic I have ever listened to. The series lifts Jesus up, doesn’t traffic in fear and uncertainly, doesn’t make dumb predictions on who the anti-christ will be and is well researched in terms of setting the book of Revelation into an historic context.

Well worth a listen. Particularly in light of the amount of videos swirling around Christian’s Facebook Inboxes at the moment. This just might give you a better perspective on life and eschatology.

It is a five part series and is listed here from Part 1 to 5.

I hope you enjoy the sermons and get lots out of them. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks champion. Will get to them soon hopefully – some sanity needed in these times with the sort of ideas people are running with Mark


  2. Hi Peter
    I enjoyed this series… very practical. Love the bit in #5 where the unborn twins are discussing “ life after birth”.

    Hope you’re well and happy

    Ruth 💕

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