Just Calling Out Hypocrisy In Our Leaders and Media

Just before I start this blog, I will state that I am not an anti vaxer…I am however anti-lemming.

I am also anti media and political hypocrisy and will call it out when I see it.

Last week, the Queensland Government passed laws to allow ‘assisted dying’, ‘euthanasia’, ‘suicide’, whatever term you want to assign to it.

There were passionate, sad and emotional stories in the State Parliament as politicians debated the emotive and controversial legislation. It was about ‘dying with dignity’ and ‘being empowered to die when the person chooses’. Protestors outside of parliament held placards often held by pro choice abortionists ‘My Body My Choice’.

Our state leaders and media hailed the vote as a great victory. People can now ‘choose’ to die with dignity. They have the power over their body.

So the celebration was all about people’s choice over their body right?

Yes, is the right answer.

Now what about healthy people who do not want to be vaccinated? Do they have power of their body? Well clearly this is where the media and politicians suddenly change. You do not have power over your body….if you want to have any sense of personal freedoms, like going to the pub, going shopping, going to church, crossing state borders, getting on a plane etc. So, when it comes to the covid vaccines, it clearly is ‘not my body my choice’.

So they celebrate the power of choice in one instance, whilst pretty much removing all choice in another?

And no one calls BS on it. Why is that? (well that is the subject of another blog)

I end with this thought…I am being encouraged to get vaccinated so that I protect the most vulnerable members of our society, whilst the Govt just voted to allow the most vulnerable members of our society to kill themselves….Oh sorry, I meant die with dignity.

Anyway, that’s what I think.


And here is a link to my blog about Euthanasia I wrote a few years ago

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6 replies

  1. I’d just asked “Wouldn’t it have been easier to just legislate that over 65’s could NOT get the jab. Then we’d just have died off naturally with no fuss”, to which someone replied “the absurdity of simultaneously ruining everybody’s lives to ‘protect the elderly’ and then passing legislation to allow them to be bullied into being killed is far more horrifying than what you are suggesting …”

    You’re not alone in your thoughts Pete.

  2. That is so true mate. Our entire political system is hypocritical. They say that communism doesn’t work. But they use it when it suits them

  3. Great thought Pete
    That’s why we follow you mate
    The battle rages but we win
    Bless ya

  4. Great Pete. Thanks. Interesting times. As sermon yesterday said where’s our trust…God or elsewhere. All others fail. He doesn’t.

  5. It seems like you’re proposing that being able to choose the time and method of your passing is tantamount to refusing treatment. I suppose that is true. If I had cancer I could refuse treatment and die on my own terms. No one suggests that people who refuse cancer treatment shouldn’t be able to participate in society.

    But people aren’t being encouraged to get the vaccine to keep themselves safe. This is a public health measure. The position of the government is that the more people who are vaccinated the fewer people will die from the disease. Encouraging people to get the vaccine is, in this case, similar to encouraging people to not drink and drive. Your decisions put others are risk.

    • “Encouraging people to get the vaccine is, in this case, similar to encouraging people to not drink and drive. Your decisions put others are risk.”

      I don’t understand that Dan. Yes I know what it’s like to drink and drive and yes I put people at risk. However I am neither vaxxed nor infected, how is that putting people at risk?

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