Morning News Wrap for 31st August 2021

The Story of How I Stumbled Into Doing The Morning News Wrap:- (For 7 Years  Now). | peterpilt

Each morning of the week (except Sundays), I summarise the news and post it to Facebook under the heading of the Morning News Wrap. Its the news mixed with a little commentary, seasoned with some attitude and simmered in a saucepan of occasional sarcasm.

Anyway I don’t normally blog the MNW but have decided that from time to time, if it is deemed worthwhile by the MNW team, I will shoot one out to the blogs sphere. If we are not Facebook friends and you want to read the MNW daily, then shoot me a friend request at Pete Pilt or Peter Pilt.

So here is today’s MNW.

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-

Go and get a coffee.

Great moments in leadership inconsistency during the C19 journey continue, this round with Queen Anna, just days ago declaring Queensland hotel quarantine system full, leaving returning residents stranded all over Australia, has allowed overnight, 100 NRL players and their families to fly into the state and head to hotel quarantine. Do our politicians take the Australian public as fools? There are three classes of people in Australia now….kind of like India and you are treated differently according to your cast, with each one having different rules. First cast are the rich, famous, politicians and sports people. Second cast are the general public who have been vaccinated. Third cast are the slimy scum of Australia (of which I am one of them), neither rich nor famous nor vaccinated at this stage. These people will not be allowed to get a hair cut, socialise at a café with second cast people, fly, travel across state lines or even go to church to worship a man who came to remove the cast system.

Well that escalated quickly.

A Perth guy caught an Uber and then it got a flat tyre, so he jumped out to change the tyre, but was struck and killed by another car.

Hey want to hear a fairy tale, Alan Joyce has said that he expects international travel to return to Aussies as soon as Christmas. (probably only to the first cast of Aussies). I would be surprised if there is interstate travel by then…let along international travel.

Police are starting are a new sting operation. Let’s see if you can guess where their focus is now… focussing on ICE labs? Working with Interpol to break child porn rings? Solving missing person cold cases? Walking the Aisles of Coles and Woolworths fining people not wearing masks?

Yep that is right….the last one.

Two Aussie soldiers die in North Queensland road crash.

ACT looks like it will have its lockdown extended. The hardest thing about lock down in Canberra is that you are in Canberra. Shout out to my Canberra friends. We feel your pain.

A courier has been sacked after filming himself (and then putting it online) with a package addressed to the NSW premier, throwing it in the bin and then spitting into his mask. What a dum dum.

Headline reads ‘Dugongs and turtles help seagrass thrive’….I love when the news reports nature doing well…um…nature things. Here are a few other headlines you may see on the news site tomorrow…..A river has been impacted by gravity and is flowing to the lowest point. An invisible force has caused trees to move backwards and forwards. A large hydrogen explosion was seen moving across the sky all day yesterday before disappearing and shrouding half the earth in darkness.

New Orleans hasn’t been badly damaged by Hurricane Ida….which hit the city 16 years to the day since Hurricane Katrina razed the city.

The US has evacuated 114,000 people as the deadline to cease operations looms. I asked the question yesterday why are the media calling ISIS, ISIS-K….apparently they are a breakaway group, they think they are the new and improved murderous, child raping thugs, who kill innocent people.

Melbourne dad faces life behind bars for trying to help ISIS terrorists….good.

Nine killed including kids, in a US drone strike in Kabul.

China is now regulating how long children can spend playing online games – now just allowed an hour of play per day….Wow China is starting to sound like Victoria and NSW. Probably more freedoms in China.

Ok I went there, so let me finish off with a musing. 10 weeks NSW has been in lock down. Mandatory mask, police issuing fines everywhere, curfews in some places, army involved, border closures, mass vaccinations and yet they had over 1300 new cases yesterday and over 1200 new cases the day before. To me it seems whatever they are doing is not working. How long do they go before they admit this is not working? And surely the spreading is not happening just due to the rule breakers. Just have the definition of insanity swirling around in my head…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I am not anti lockdown or anti vax or anti mask…..I am merely making an observations. Ten weeks of lockdowns and there are record numbers of new cases. Why do politicians think that in another 10 weeks time, things will be different? Even with the vax… doesn’t stop you catching or spreading the virus….it just lowers the severity of the virus.

Well that escalated quickly…..

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  1. Thanks Peter and Stephanie … we really appreciate the MNW and look forward to it of a morning over a coffee … Rob and Cathy :::)

  2. I think Pete should warn people about Stephanie, not that I’m anti-Steph or anything, but what we read affects our minds, and you know, “my mind, my choice”. 🙂

  3. Hi Peter

    Bob and I walk once a week with Al and Val Grey. They said they bumped into you not long ago so brought me up-to-date with your personal life.

    Actually I think China might be doing a good thing limiting children’s time on video games…. Seeing some of our grandkids being addicted. It is Especially hard in lockdown for the parents to get them focussed on other activities.

    Ruth x

    Sent from my iPad

  4. I enjoyed reading the news Pilt-style. I don’t use FB much because I grew fed up with the negativity.

  5. Love your work Peter

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