So Here Is An Ugly Question

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We have all been horrified at the images coming out of Afghanistan and our hearts go out to the Afghan people in their desperation. Of course, our hearts also are with the Afghan people who call Australia home.

On the Channel 9 News tonight, they were reporting on a vigil that the Afghan people in Sydney were holding for their counterparts. There were about 150 there – rough guess.

I didn’t see a lot of people with masks on.

None of them were social distancing.

There were no police trying to move them on and no evidence of the Australian army enforcing the lockdown.

Now I don’t want to be insensitive, but State Governments regularly and famously refuse people going to see dying loved ones.

When anti maskers and anti lockdown gatherings happened, the police arrested many, police horses were involved and everyone who attended was condemned for participating in a ‘super spreader event’.

So, before I ask the ugly question, let me state clearly, my heart is with the Afghan people and I am not an anti masker or anti lockdown protestor. But I want to know…Why are the State Governments seemingly so inconsistent in their leadership through lockdowns and the pandemic?

Whether its Caitlin Jenner flying into Sydney to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, NRL footballers and their families, given special consideration in terms of inter border travel or protestors and vigils being treated differently – what I think Australian’s need right now – is consistency and transparency in leadership.

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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  1. It’s almost like if there is the notion of the event having the potential for a feel good element or there is the likelihood of sufficient entertainment value then the rules do not apply.

    It is probable that this governmental inconsistency is contributing to the the decrease in societal desire to comply with the supposed “science driven” requirements.

  2. I think as the maskless Obama birthday bash at Marth’s Vineyard recently showed us and I quote some left wing commentator: “That was okay because they were a sophisticated group”. So quite clearly members of the leftocracy are immune as the virus knows how to discern between the smelly “Red Neck Right” and the chosen elite of left wing politicians and their fawning celebrities.
    Add to this Biden’s obssession with crossing and flying illegal aliens from South of the border including many of whom were Covid riven (7,000 at the last report I read) into marginal Red states around the country.
    I am sure he is all about compassion and nothing to do with altering the electoral landscape.
    Afghans, by the same token, won’t be touched in Australia as they are minorities and therefore potential voters of the left.
    That’s why we have BLM marches being praised and Anzac marches closed down. Extinction rallies extolled and police spat upon or worse. That’s why it’s okay for large family gatherings of a certain religious group and it’s not okay to have church.
    It is quite obvious what is going on but most disseñting voices have been muted while the bullies and their brown shirts cause mayhem throughout Australia and the Western world.

  3. The government is clearly being consistent with their inconsistencies and covert operations.

    I’d like to know what the real truth is.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more, Peter. Thank you for caring and sharing ….
    Cathy and Rob

  5. “Why are the State Governments seemingly so inconsistent in their leadership through lockdowns and the pandemic?”

    Because they’re like live actors, playing to the audience. They have no real idea what to do (and that is understandable) so they try something and if it gets enough approval they keep at it. Objecting to this would get too much backlash.

  6. Welcome to the end

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