Nowra City Church’s Vision Statement

This is the Vision Statement of Nowra City Church



Come with me on journey of the Imagination. To a place where the ideal is real and constraints of reality are lifted. Imagine in this place there is a church. Its an unusual church.

Imagine this church is characterized by diversity, where the people who regularly gather, come from all walks of life, from every age demographic, and from wide range of positive and negative backgrounds. With passionate faith in Almighty God as their unifying strength, their purpose and the obsession of their life. Imagine these people knew that there were no rules when it came to “doing church”. And the creativity and dream of the people was used by the Holy Spirit to create a powerful momentum of building the Kingdom of God, in the City, the State and the Nation of Australia.

Imagine this “no rules” mentality translated into big thinking, high levels of faith expectancy, and a creative engagement with the Word of God that caused it to infuse into peoples lives. An infusion that caused radical life change and an infectious style of living that caused strangers to question the influencer on people’s lives. A life style that is positive, moral, encouraging, characterized by kindness and with an unusual inexhaustible level of enthusiasm for their God, for life, for being an Australian.

Imagine a church focused on building community, where the DNA of the church was ‘others’ and everyone was made to feel welcome, accepted and valued. And this caused the community to enlarge as people sought out authentic relationships. Imagine in these relationships, judgments and prejudice were foreign. Imagine if you will, an environment where sin is not condoned and people are not condemned. People who do life reflecting the grace they themselves have experienced.

Imagine a church where people loved people. And who passionately wanted their city to experience the transforming power of God’s love. People who would willingly give of their time, finances, gifting and energies to ensure multitudes have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and experience the saving power of the cross. People who lived by the creed… ‘so others may live’. Imagine, just for a moment, that this passion for people extends beyond city limits, beyond State borders, even beyond this ‘land girt by sea’ to nations which have not heard about the Jesus these people serve so vigorously.

Imagine a church that saw themselves as an army of mighty men and women who were not ignorant nor intimidated by the devil and his devices. People who knew the protection of the blood of Jesus, the authority of the cross and the might of the Word of God, and who spiritually stood at the gates of the city as prayer warriors fighting for the souls of it occupants and the invasion of righteousness into the city’s DNA

Imagine a church as a School of the Spirit, where disciples are equipped and released for the call of God on their life. Where the Holy Spirit is honoured and revered in an atmosphere reflective of the extreme thirst of the Christ ones. Where every Disciple is a Discipler. A School that was a leadership nursery, prolifically producing mature Christians, leaders and pastors. A school that planted or assisted churches throughout Australia and throughout the world

Imagine a church where everyday people gave themselves to a noble cause. Where eternal significance was the common currency, where priorities of life were weighed in the scales of the biblical commission handed down by the very Savior who gave his life for this church. A healthy church where people could flourish.

Come with now away from the Imagination and back into reality, where the Holy Spirit is causing the church we have just imagined to be the church that we see before us. The church that we call Nowra City Church


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  1. not to nit pick ok ………. last paragraph ? Come with (us?) now away from … should the us be there ?? very good vision statement 🙂


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