Are You Known In Hell? By Ps Steve Hill.

A poem by Ps Steve Hill

Written during the Brownsville Revival

There’s a list my friend hear it well,

that’s penned and read in the pits of hell.

It contains the names of the chosen few

Jesus I know, but who are you?


This list of names is a horror you see

To the demons of darkness, they have to flee

From those who are written down in this book

They run so fast, not a second look

These people are classified, all by name

It all began when to Christ they came

Came to the cross, looked in His face

Repented of sins, received His grace

It all began to make sense that day

Convicted of sin, something’s in the way

Between God and man, great distance be

Who’ll close the gap for you and me

His Son was sent, His blood was shed

For without the blood, the Bible said

There would be no pardon for mortal man

A life must be given, it was God’s plan

On that fateful day, the die was cast

The Lamb of God would be the last

The last to bleed upon the ground

For the sins of man, it would be sound

The blood it dripped, the drops were heard

In the corridors of hell, not a word

They trembled, they shook, as a cry came out

Forgive them Father, then came the shout

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?”

He pierced the heavens with that fateful cry

“My God, my God, You’ve forsaken me”

Were the words of Jesus, hanging on the tree

Those words rang out, for all to hear

The Son of God, He loved so dear

Sin separates, divides, keeps us from Him

But now the gap was closing in

The demons shook, what they feared the most

Was now reality to that cringing host

The Lamb of God had opened the way

For you and me, on that blessed day

He died, was carried to the tomb

But He only borrowed that vacant room

For in three days, He would arise

As the King, with the keys of hell, fire in His eyes


Time went by and a man named Saul

Was struck by God in the sight of all

He cried out, “What do I do?”

That’s all that mattered, his life was through

Now he played a different part

A man of God, Christ in his heart

He blazed a trail, leading men to God

Hell took notes, while the road, he trod


There came a day when Stephen’s seven sons

Were playing games with the Holy One

They used His name like a wind-up key

Hoping to score, win the victory

The demons laughed, they roared in hell

At those foolish men, they knew them well

Not as men of God, soldiers of the cross

But are fools who played with the name of God


Yes, there’s a list my friend, hear it well

That’s penned and read in the pits of hell

It contains the names of the chosen few

“Jesus, I know, but who are you”

Be a part my friend, of this famous book

The one down there, please take a look

Are you written down, better know it well

It’s Lucifer’s List, are you known in hell?

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