Morning News Wrap for Friday 30th June 2012

The Indonesian President arrives in Australia today for two days of talks. Australia looses again in the cricket. Mexico votes for a new President.  51% of Australians think they will be worse off under the Carbon Tax and 5% think they will be better off. Support for the tax has fallen to 33%. Four cars burnt in Sydney Shopping centre fire. Search for Bushwalkers missing in QLD. New laws make bank switching easier. A NSW man wanted for the beheading murder of his neighbour – has been arrested in Darwin. ASX expected to open up 38 points this morning. Islamists destroy more Timbuktu Shrines. Gunmen kill 17 in Kenyan Church attacks. Adele announces she is pregnant. This is old news but Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have split up. Five die in South African mine fire. US student who was attacked by a chimp he was studying, improves. Indian floods death toll rises to 62.  Japan restarts first nuclear reactor. Alec Baldwin marries yoga instructor.

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  1. Re: version of the news according to politician oddly enough that is pretty much EXACTLY what i expect from our politicians and doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. As for foreign aid that money actually is money that belongs to the taxpayer and i as a tax payer don’t mind in the least having some of my taxes used for foreign aid and i know there are always administration costs but i got to say i’m not real happy about the amount of people that get a major cut out of along the way. The way i see it we live in a democracy which means we the people pay the government their salary to administrate the funds we give them and they don’t always seem to be doing that great a job of it. For one thing the government has sold off just about all the utilities which in my view actually belonged to the public so what right did they have to do with without consulting us so now what happens when the money from those sales runs out? Well i know i don’t know probably as much as i should about how the country runs but seems to me the only thing left to extract finances from is the taxpayer. I don’t know how things stand now but i do know that for a time at least we did not tax dollars going out of our country and the only brave soul who stood in the way of that becoming law was Harold Holt interesting he met his demise soon after and for some reason on the particular day he went missing his bodyguards who generally went with him everywhere so i’ve heard were peculiarly not present. We’ll probably never know what happened for sure but it is interesting. Now i know what you said about the beer economy but the thing is it is more economically viable to take business overseas simply because those overseas do not have in place the protections we do and how can we possibly compete with a third world country unless we become one which i believe is actually what some people in power are trying to do and i wonder if that isn’t the real motive behind with the introduction of Australian workplace agreements. According to (Barry Smith now deceased) all Rhodes Scholars are one world government indoctrinated and i THINK John Howard was a Rhodes Scholar although i haven’t closely looked at these things for a while and your recollection of things does fade a bit over time. The thing is if the stinking rich want to take their businesses overseas let them. I say if that is what they are contemplating we in the meantime will train our own who are committed to our country and the little guy to replace them and if i were in government and they want to sell stuff back to australia they can think again they can find themselves another market and ping off overseas for good. Well that’s what i would like to do. Plus i’d put tarifs on that are so high that it wouldn’t be worthwhile for them to GO overseas. Well that’s what i’d like to do. I’m not naive enough to think it could be that simple for one thing we need the protection of bigger more powerful nations like America for instance so you can’t completely close off the country and i am well aware of that my husband used to work at Garden island and was informed by one of the naval personnel there that we had a weaponry system that was better than the American system but we had to scrap it cause it wasn’t compatible with the American system so if that officer was telling the truth and things are the same today that pretty much means that America at the touch of a button could fire warheads off our ships… good job we’re friends. Politics is complicated it’s business wheeling and dealing magnified a hundred times over. You don’t want to get into it unless you know you are called and you better make sure you don’t have any skeletons in your closet from the past cause if they can find anything they’ll use it. Not saying a christian shouldn’t get into poltics but you have a squeaky clean past, you have to know what you are in for and above all you have to know FOR SURE that you are called.

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