Major News Stories of 2012 that caught my attention.

Like any year, there are many dramatic stories that make our mainstream news. Here are the ones that caught my attention in 2012 as I present a News Wrap Up of 2012. They are not in any particular order.

1) New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour always brings out the Patriotic spirit in me.

2) The sinking of the Costa Concordia on the 13th January with 4252 people on board, Thirty two people died as a result. The ship is still there waiting to be salvaged.


3) The Syrian Civil War, where the casualties are numbered up around 12,000, the people who have gone missing are around 28,000 and the people who have fled their homes are unnumbered.


4) Greek Austerity Protests that raged across the year.


5) The Asylum Seeker solution debate that took place as over 11,000 people sought the safe refuge of Australia, via arriving by boat into our Northern Waters.


6) Bob Carr becomes Australia’s new Foreign Minister after Rudd resigns while in Washington, ultimately to challenge Gillard for the Leadership of the ALP, which failed.


7) Myanmar’s transformation into a democracy.


8) The ongoing Craig Thompson affair and his apparent misuse of Union funds.


Cant be bothered mentioning Peter Slipper in this blog.

9) Kony 2012 was the viral video of 2012 as the Invisible Children organisation released a video exposing the atrocities of Joseph Kony. Managed to reach 100 million views in about 3 weeks.


10) The verdict that Anders Breivik is sane and therefore will stand trial for the murder of 77 people in Norway.


11) Lance Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France Medals after admitting taking drugs while racing.


12) North Korea continued to rattle the West with its test firing of nuclear capable warheads.


13) Tragically, Jill Meagher was raped and murdered, taken off a Melbourne street. A man was arrested shortly after.


14) The discovery of the remains of Daniel Morcombe and the arrest of a man in relation to his murder.

15) The Dark Knight Rises cinema shooting in Colorado where 12 people were killed and 58 injured. James Holmes was later arrested and charged.


16) The Launch of National Others Week at Parliament House by Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services Kevin Andrews.


17) Ricky Ponting retired from being Australia’s Cricket Team Captain


18) Solar Eclipse – best view was in Cairns.


19) Gillard rushed away from Tent Embassy Protestors in Canberra on Australia Day.


20) A Prank call to a hospital in London by 2DayFM DJ’s, where the nurse who took the call ultimately committed suicide


21) The ten year anniversary of the Bali Bombings.


22) Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast of the US.


23) The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting where 20 children and 6 teachers were killed.



24) President Obama was re-elected. This photo sets the record as being the most tweeted photo in history.



25) Whitney Houston died.

26) Extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner made a death defying free fall that made him the first Skydiver to break the sound barrier. He fell at a speed of 1342.8km/hr.


27) The introduction of the Carbon Tax

28) The Space Shuttle Endeavour was retired to the California Science Centre in Exposition Park. It made a dramatic albeit slow trip through the streets of LAafp_us_la_space_shuttle_13Oct12-975x676

29) Wild Oats set a new race Record in the 2012 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.


30) Thankfully, we all survived the Mayan Calender Doomsday Prediction.


Noticeable Mentions must be

Craig Emerson singing at a Press Conference

Bill Shorten Auditioning for a spot on Yes Minister.

Psy song, Gangnam Style, reaches one billion views.


Hope you have enjoyed my review of 2012. Looking forward to a great 2013. Feel free to share this blog on Facebook and Twitter.

Peter Pilt.

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