Morning News Wrap – 29th May 2013.

M68!: Morning News Wrap. Good Morning Tasmania. Here is the News. Perth airport staff walk off the job for 24 hours. Bob Carr says that accusing China of spying on Australia, wont hurt China/Australia relations. Gillard shelves $2billion NSW rail plan. 63 Asylum Seekers have escaped from mainland detention centers in the last 12 months, 25 are still missing. Russia says the end of the EU’s arms embargo against Syria will harm peace prospects. Tattooed woman no problem for us says bombastic Jetstar. India says no to talks with Maoist Rebels. PNG parliament passes use of death penalty. US Buyers key to Bangladesh garment factory workers safety. Endangered whale used for Japan dog treats. North Korea moves to reopen Industrial Park. Car drives through a building in Brazil. Ejected US pilot rescued after jet crashes. US tourist killed, Aussie hurt in Malaysia. A Newborn baby has been rescued from a sewerage pipe in China after being flushed down the toilet. Suspicious  vehicle closes NY’s Brooklyn Bridge. Dutch TV show gets slammed for running a comedy sketch involving the murdered UK Soldier.  Digital TV kills analog in Brisbane. China province to abolish teacher HIV test. 23 missing after boat flips in Malaysia. Pussy Riot member complains of persecution. Wall Street up 106 points. The way it is Wednesday 29th May 2013.

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