An Examination of the Biblical Theology Behind the First Crusade



This is some research I did on the theological thinking behind the first Crusade. It’s written to submit for a subject I am doing on the Theology of World Religions. I am blogging it as I have had a few people ask for a copy. It’s as deep as I can go in 2400 words. Reality is that whole books have been written on the topic – but hopefully you get something out of reading it. Part of the paper was to frame up why I chose to write on this topic.



It’s a cold blustery UK spring day in early 2006, and I am sitting in a Starbucks Cafe in Cardiff, Wales, within the shadow of the 1000 year old Cardiff Castle, totally immersed in the mystery-detective novel The Da Vinci Code[1]. It’s here, as I read about the red cross badged Knights Templar…

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