Around Australia trip – Nowra to Coffs

Day One of my trip around Australia.
I am going to blog each day for those interested in following the trip.


Uneventful part of the trip. Probably the most boring of the entire trip – through Sydney etc

Here are some stats.

Travel time 7 hours and 18 minutes
Ave Speed 91.3km
Total distance 667km

Actually I will just post a screen shot of a trip app I bought for my iPad.


Best pic of the day – ok only pic of the day.


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6 replies

  1. Max speed 130km/hr?! Slow down mate lol

  2. u did stop briefly every two hours didn’t you? You in car or on bike

  3. sounds like fun Peter, feeling inspired trying to get hubby into the idea of doing this these school holidays… What driving app is that looks great

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