Around Australia Trip – Coffs to Rockhampton

Today I am calling roadworks day. So many road works. I would imagine and I certainly hope – that today will be my slowest day in terms of average speed. After Coffs Harbour there are major road works and then north of Gympie into Rockhampton, many many roadworks with significant stops.

Here is the map of what I achieved today and my total distance


The motel I stayed at last night was dodgy as. My room was located literally 30 metres from the Pacific Highway at the bottom of a slight hill, so all night trucks went by with their exhaust brakes going. But I welcomed them as it provided some noise coverage from the drunk couple fighting in the room next door and I have seen thicker curtains than the wall that separated them from me. Lol.
Here is a pic of the motel.


As I was getting ready to leave, I flicked on the TV and they were playing the 70’s kid show Skippy. Made me smile as I wondered if I had been sucked into a time warp parallel universe.


Anyway I am doing a radio interview each morning on the Vision FM Christian Radio Network, as they follow my trip around Oz and I was telling them about my dodgy hotel and my plan to get another dodgy one tonight at Rockhampton. So a couple who I have never met and who live in Rockhampton, heard the radio interview and contacted me via Facebook and so I am staying with them tonight. Love it.

I also dropped into a mate’s coffee shop in Ballina to pick up a package for my dad who he got delivered to the shop so I could pick it up to save getting it couriered. Thanks Steve and Jennie Janes. Love your coffee shop guys.


Overall a successful day. To me that’s the uninteresting part of the trip done. Tomorrow I head a little bit north and then west. That’s when the fun starts and the photo ops. Can’t wait.

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  1. Hi peter, love listening to you on vision. Will you be passing through cairns? If so I would like to invite you for dinner with a cairns a christian family (my wife cooks the best dinners)

  2. Rofl! I could have told you about the road works! Hope the next bit delivers as expected!

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