Around Australia Trip – Ceduna to Bordertown

Day 12 of my trip around Oz. I am very much looking forward to getting home. It’s been a long drive and I can see the home stretch and am keen to reach home. I got a little too keen today and got to see first hand just how enthusiastically the South Australia police enforce the road rules. Thank you Mr Policeman for keeping us all safe. (Could have let me off with a warning:- I did say I was sorry). Oh well. Did 984ks today and was originally headed into Adelaide but decided to head to Bordertown so I am closer to home. Just heard on the news there was a fatal truck crash today at Bordertown. So sad. So I am right now on the border between SA and Vic and tomorrow night I am staying in Mallacoota which is on the Vic/NSW border, so tomorrow I am driving the width of Victoria. For the record its 909ks.

Today I clicked over 12,000 Kms on the journey so far.

There were some interesting sites today. Drove through Kimba, which is the half way point across Australia. There was a huge Galah in the town – not sure of the link, but my suggestion is that as Nowra means Black Cockatoo in the Aboriginal language, we should erect a Black Cockatoo in Nowra beside the helicopter.

I took a number of photos in and around old house relics. I love just sitting there and thinking through the laughter, love, tears, dreams and drama that took place within the house. Just nice to connect with people’s pasts in a bygone era.

I stopped for lunch in a town I can’t even remember the name of, but I remember the lunch. Thought I would have a pie so walked into a bakery (there is a photo further down) and as I was waiting to order, a lady walked around to the fridge holding about 10 cans of coke. I went to open the fridge door for her but she dropped a can and it literally exploded open spraying the three year old toddler who was beside me and myself with coke. We were both covered in coke. Anyway long story short – my lunch was complimentary.

Check out the photos of the wind farm wind mill arm on the truck. That’s a seriously big arm. Also it got so hot today that my iPad packed up and took its bat and ball home – see pic.

I will let the photos do the rest of the talking

















Here is my creative flag photo for today


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3 replies

  1. Well done, on your trip of “Hug the Nation”, I have enjoyed reading your blog everyday.
    I just want to share with you that I where I live ‘Biloela’ Qld it means “White Cockatoo”.

  2. brilliant photos, what an amazing time you are having

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