One of My Most Embarrassing Stories

I was reading some blogs today about people’s most embarrassing moments and a specific story in my past sprung into my mind so I thought I would blog my embarrassing story:- well one of them anyway.

The year is 1999. I am coordinating a Crusade for Benny Hinn as part of my job as Brisbane’s Citipointe Business Manager. I was the Australian Coordinator who worked closely with the US Crusade Coordinator. It had been a very intense 4 months in the lead up to the three day Crusade. On the first night before starting time, we had done all we could do and I had left the control room and was sitting up in the nose bleed section of the Boondall Entertainment Centre with one of my team and her hubby. I was letting off steam and expressing some frustrations that I had had working with the US Coordinator and even some frustrations working with some of my leaders.

Here is the embarrassing bit, as I had left the control room I had picked up a radio and plugged my ear piece in. What I didn’t know was that when you first plug the ear piece in, it goes to broadcast unless you change the default. I wasn’t aware of that. So my conversation was being broadcast across all the communication channels to all my leaders and all the US team – they were all listening to my “debrief” session:- which was anything less then complimentary.

Melanie and others in my team were trying to find me to tell me to “shut up” but no one knew where I was and it was before the days of common mobile phones. Needless to say, once I became aware of the “situation” I was highly embarrassed and had to eat a lot of humble pie.

And thus I learnt, negative comments about people are best left unsaid.

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  1. Ha got a good chuckle out of this…. how did we ever survive before mobile phones? Quite happily if I remember correctly. And you wouldn’t have the story nor lesson the lesson learned…

  2. Hahaha…love it. I’m not the only one with foot in mouth disease.

  3. Very disappointed that THAT was the lesson learned from working with Benny Hinn – would prefer you wore white suits and spoke with the accent “Laydeez And Journalmen” 😉

  4. Never had a microphone but was having a rant about someone one day and they were behind me and In didn’t notice ……. Nothing good to say…… Then shut up I say …. NOW !

  5. Ouch! I don’t think you are alone with that experience, Peter. (I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally dialled someone unawares on my mobile!)

    Apparently, after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, they found letters in one of the drawers of his desk in the White House. During the Civil War, he was so frustrated with a general he wrote down his thoughts. But there was a process …

    He didn’t mail it.

    The man was able to express the anger without the poison.

    Were there other letters? Probably, and providentially, we may never know.

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