44 Pieces of Advice on Life I gave Lakeisha on her 16th Birthday


Lakeisha just turned 16 and I thought I would write for her 44 pieces of wisdom for life:- 44 because I am 44.

So here they are:

  1. Read copious amounts of books and read widely
  2. Be incredibly enthusiastic
  3. Be a person who always shows gratitude
  4. Make new friends but cherish the old ones
  5. Never trade away your integrity
  6. In times of stress and pressure practice the duck principle – calm on top where everybody sees – but paddling like mad underneath
  7. It’s not how hard you can hit that matters, but how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward – that’s how winning is done
  8. Be incredibly loyal as a friend, wife, mother and leader
  9. Don’t live according to people’s expectations.
  10. Marry someone who you love talking to.
  11. Have a bucket list of 50 things you want to achieve in the next five years. Set a new one every five years.
  12. Commit to your marriage vows like your life depends on them. The grass is never greener on the other side. Grow green grass on your side:- its alot less painful.
  13. Read your bible every day
  14. Treat everyone you meet as if they have a sign around their neck that says – Make me feel very important.
  15. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets and cutlery: – don’t save stuff for a special day – today is special
  16. Even when you are all grown up – go and dance in the rain: don’t be too serious in life
  17. Too many people die with the music still in them: – live large, live wide and live loud. Don’t ever use the term “one day”. That’s a term people use who live in the grey twilight of mediocrity: if you want to do something, make a specific plan and make it happen
  18. Write down your goals and always think and dream big
  19. Have an outrageous prayer list
  20. Gambling is for fools as is alcohol.
  21. Never complain about growing old – it beats the alternative – I have known too many people who would have loved to be growing old but died young.
  22. When you get hurt and beat up in life – and you will – keep your heart sweet in the presence of God:- Ps 45:1 My heart overflows with a good theme – this is scripture I have lived by.
  23. Don’t waste time – Read the 80/20 rule – it will change your life
  24. When you have kids – make them feel special, give them your time, your attention, your money, your passion – give them the best of you and the world can have the left overs.
  25. Take a stupid amount of photos and videos of life, family and experiences.
  26. Always look after your parents and grandparents. Honouring your heritage shows wisdom and is a godly principle
  27. Go to church every Sunday
  28. Be an intentional parent
  29. Always give 10% of everything you earn to God and save another 10%
  30. Read Richest Man in Babylon and How to Win Friends and Influence People: Two of the most life impacting books I have read
  31. Never worry about standing out from the crowd. Stand out. Be confident. Go in your own direction
  32. Don’t be a person that gets all worked up over petty stuff. Keep the main things the main things.
  33. Don’t get a tattoo. What I would have written on my arm at 18 was very different to what I would have written on my arm when I was 30 and the same for when I was 44. Tattoos are for people who don’t think long term.
  34. Live a life without regrets:- as much as you can. Take risks; have your life peppered with failures because you simply had a go. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing
  35. When you are emotionally upset and charged up for a fight – put 48 hours between that feeling and the response – you will find that its a very different response
  36. Cheap Motels aren’t worth a poor nights sleep in a bed with dirty sheets and pubes on the soap: always stay in a nice motel.
  37. Value post school study.
  38. Never say I love you – unless you mean it.
  39. Hand written encouragement letters are a power few people understand: write lots of them and it will change your life.
  40. Travel the world and experience the richness of other cultures, other people and other food.
  41. Always own a pet – they will love you unconditionally and keep you grounded. Never make the pet a cat though – they are just stupid and arrogant
  42. Be ok with spending time alone. Enjoy the serenity.
  43. Understand the power of Kindness and be a person known for being exceptionally kind.
  44. Take advice from your Dad. In 44 years he has done alot, travelled alot, read alot and met alot of people – what he is saying humbly is – maybe he knows alot and is sharing that wisdom with you.

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7 replies

  1. Happy, happy birthday Lakeisha. A very happy life to you. Kind regards from Stewart + Ronda Aiken.

    P.S.: Can you ask you dad what the 80/20 rule is and tell us next time we meet. 🙂

  2. This made my eyes leak…. Wonderful father-ing here… Your very blessed Lakeisha… Hope your 16th year is one of your best…

  3. every point right on the mark 🙂 i especially like no’s 1, 5, 8, 12 (which me n my hubby live by) 13, 15, 17 awwww heck i love them all 🙂 hope you don’t mind if i share this 🙂

  4. Printing this out not only for myself but for my children too
    You are a very inspiring writter….Never stop


  1. Financial advice for my 19-year-old daughter – Christian Super

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