Blogs I Have Written about Issues Related to Women Posted Here For International Women’s Day.


The 8th March 2014 is International Woman’s Day. I have written a number of posts over the years specifically related to women. I have the personal view that women get a rough deal in life; its a generalisation I know. I struggle with the way women are dealt with in the Old Testament. I simply don’t understand. I have studied Islam and women get a rough deal under Islam. Here are a couple of blogs talking about women.

This blog is about Female Genital Mutilation. An horrendous practice that sees 140 million girls and women around the world mutilated for no reason except patriarchal control.

This post deals with the issue of Honour Killings. The UN says that officially 5000 women are killed around the world each year, but unofficially they say it is probably 4 times that.

This next post deals with the issue of whether Men and Women are dealt with equally in the bible. Worth a read.

I don’t like the song Blurred Lines: reading a Blog by good friend Eliza Kelly explaining how the song speaks into the rape culture and mentality of society, she put into words what i was thinking and so with her permission, I am reposting her thoughts on this blog. Have a read. Thanks Eliza.

This blog is about the issue of Human Slavery. An issue that impacts largely women and children.

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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for this round-up of your posts about women. I do agree that there is still this lingering inequality that puts women at a disadvantage, but by writing about these issues, you are already taking a step forward in making a difference and bringing the right attention to it.
    On a brighter note, here at USC we are celebrating Women’s History Month and want to invite you to blog about a woman in your life who has inspired you and deserve good recognition. This is an opportunity to honor an amazing woman in your family, a role model in your community, or someone in your church who is making a difference in the world. Everyone who submits a blog will be added to our round-up and the posts that best exemplify the theme of our campaign will be featured on our site! Here is how to participate:

    Thanks so much and I hope you’ll join us in this #womeninspire campaign!

    MSW@USC Team

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