Top Ten Pieces of Advice I Would Give a Young Pastor

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I have been a Senior Pastor for 14 years and have been an Assistant Pastor for 8 years before that. If I was talking to a person who was just starting out as a Pastor these are the top ten pieces of advice that I would give them to help them in their journey.

1) Integrity in everything you do must be your highest value.

2) Be exceptional at articulating your vision and at motivating people to follow your vision.

3) People People People. People matter. Jesus died for them. Make sure they matter to you too. I once heard a Pastor say the church would be a great place except for the people: this kind of attitude is out of place for a true pastor.

4) Always family first.

5) The devil is a mongrel. Know your spiritual authority and stand strong in that.

6) Protect your marriage. Protect your wife. Protect yourself

7) Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as He birthed the early church:- maybe He knew what He was doing – so make the Holy Spirit your ministry partner.

8) Keep yourself Spiritually, Physically, Sexually, Attitudinally and Emotionally healthy – because if one of these is out of whack – your whole life is out of whack.

9) Be a great preacher.

10) Be passionate, high energy and incredibly enthusiastic about life, God, people, church, everything.

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6 replies

  1. Hi Peter,
    Great wisdom, All points extremely valid.
    I have forwarded the link to my wife Katherine, as we were set aside as assistant pastors for Purpose Living City Church. INC. at The Vic/Tas State conference. It’s always great when Pastors like yourself, encourage and input your wealth of experiences into the generations to follow.

    David Ludbrook.

  2. Um … why didn’t “Preach the Gospel” make an appearance here?

    • “Be a great preacher” assumes you are preaching the gospel.

      “Having the Holy Spirit as your ministry partner” assumes you are preaching the gospel

      “Being passionate for God” assume you are preaching the gospel.

      Loving people like Jesus loved them – assumes you are living the gospel.

  3. top of the list IS most important … a person of Integrity in every area of their/our life 🙂 love it ..very down to earth advice …& not just for a up n coming young pastor but for us all 🙂 well shared 🙂

  4. A good friend said to me, “Watch out for the 3 g’s, :gold, girls, glory.” These are related to pride and this is the devil’s favourite tools. Thinking we can overcome on our own leads to failure. Thinking we are humble and then having pride in our humility. All challenges lead us into a new level of maturity. I found these points excellent advice. Well said Peter, God bless you and keep you in all that you do

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