Top Ten Pieces of Advice I Would Give a New Christian

Congratulations on becoming a Christian. Here are ten pieces of advice you need to keep your new faith healthy.

1) Understand that you have not just joined a church, started a new hobby, or got religion. You have just entered a relationship, yes it’s with God, but a relationship none the less, and as such the normal principles of developing a relationship apply. They include, get to know each other, spend time with each, be committed, communicate to each other.

2) Read the bible every day. The bible is spiritually alive (Hebrews 4:12) and as you feed on the Word through reading and study, you will grow strong in your walk with God and in your new faith.  Here is a link to my Blog on My Top Ten Favourite Bible Verses

3) Pray. There is no set format or formula for prayer. You can pray standing, sitting, kneeling, in the shower, on the motorbike, in the car, at work or in bed. You can pray silently, loudly, whispering, whatever. Prayer is just a Christian term for talking and listening to God. But it is essential if you are going to grow in your relationship with God. Imagine two people meet for the first time and they don’t ever talk to each other – they are never really going to get to know each other.

4) Find a good Church. A church that preaches the word of God with passion. If I was looking for a church, I would want to check out their statement of belief to make sure it was straight down the line biblical doctrine. You need a church that is also focussed on others not just itself. Here is Nowra City Church’s Statement of Belief

5) Commit to Church. When you have found a good church, commit to it. Make it yours. Turn up early and leave late. To the best of your ability, be in church every Sunday.  Join a life group and serve somewhere in the life of the church. Develop relationships – this is key. But don’t sit back and wait for friends to drop into your lap – go out and be friendly.

6) Get Baptized. Jesus in Luke 3:20-21, got water baptized and the bible records that the heavens open and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove upon Christ. Getting baptized is a public statement of your faith, it is intensely spiritual and is the outworking of what has happened to you spiritually since you gave your heart to Christ. Have a look at Romans 6 for more information.

7) Tell people you know about your new faith and invite them to your church.

8) Don’t have the mentality that all Christians are perfect and that you will never be hurt or disappointed in church. Reality is that a church is in some senses a hospital where broken people are being put back together by God’s grace. We are all a work in progress and at times, you may get hurt, offended or disappointed by people in Church. Love them regardless and stay focussed on Christ.

9) Begin to read and learn about the Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is different from Water Baptism and is a wonderful experience promised to every believer.  Here is a link to my blog on the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

10) Commit to being an on fire radical for Jesus Christ. The bible warns of luke warm Christianity. Instead commit to being passionate for God, for His Church and for people. It’s the greatest life you can live. I have been a Christian for 38 years and I am more passionate now than ever.  Here is a link to my blog on Things you can do to move your faith from Good to Great.

Here are some other links that may help you:

I pray a blessing on your walk with God.

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  1. The link “What is God like” links to “Compelling evidence of the authenticity of the Bible” .

  2. One thing that is constantly left out of all religious discussions in the beginning is the subject of the money racket religion creates. This is only discussed when you are already sucked it to it.

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