The Top Ten Potholes People Step into in Life.

I read this powerful short story about ten years ago and I think it sums up life well. My observation is that people get stuck in different chapters. As you read this – can you identify what chapter you are in right now?

Biography in 5 Chapters  by Portia Nelson

Chapter 1
I walk down a street
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I fall in
I am lost…I am hopeless
It isn’t my fault
It takes forever to find my way out.

Chapter 2
I walk down the same street
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I pretend I don’t see it
I fall in again
I cant believe I am in the same place
but…it isn’t my fault

Chapter 3
I walk down the same street
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I see it is there
I still fall in it, it’s a habit
my eyes are open
I know where I am
it is my fault
I get out immediately

Chapter 4
I walk down the same street
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I walk around it

Chapter 5
I walk down another street

As I read the poem I am thinking of the Top Ten Potholes that in my experience and observation, people, including myself, step into:-

  1. Wrong thinking
  2. Destructive Habits
  3. Negativity
  4. Wrong choices
  5. Bad Attitudes
  6. Reactive living
  7. Unresolved marital or relationship issues
  8. Unresolved hurts and anger
  9. Critical or judgemental spirit
  10. Excluding God
  11. Lack of willingness to persevere through hard times
  12. Unwillingness to learn or change

Both the hummingbird and the vulture fly over America’s deserts. All vultures see is rotting meat, because that is what they look for. They thrive on that diet. But hummingbirds ignore the smelly flesh of dead animals. Instead, they look for the colourful blossoms of desert plants. The vultures live on what was. They live on the past. They fill themselves with what is dead and gone. But hummingbirds live on what is. They seek new life. They fill themselves with freshness and life. Each bird finds what it is looking for. We all do.

My prayer for you is Chapter 5 and that you avoid the common potholes.


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  1. Very bad experiences and lack of love in early life, especially over a long period, can form habits and cause infirmities that are very difficult to overcome because they are in the subconscious. But the Rod and Staff of God (the Word of God and the Holy Spirit) will deliver any soul so imprisoned. His hand is not short that He cannot save (Isa 50:2) and He can save to the uttermost (Heb 7:25)

  2. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a data! existing here at this blog, thanks admin of
    this site.

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