If I Could Rid the World of One Evil–This Would be it.

I posed a question on my Facebook page today asking – If you could rid the world of one evil – which one would you get rid of? I had many responses. Here are a few:-

  • Child Pornography
  • Abortion
  • Selfishness
  • Rape
  • Love of money
  • Sickness
  • Cancer
  • Greed Lying
  • Deception
  • Violence
  • Disobedience
  • The Catholic Church
  • Hatred

Anyway it got me thinking about what I would get rid of if I could take out one evil in the world. I decided I would get rid of sexual depravity. If the skewed version of sex that the world traffic’s in ceased to exist, think of all the subsequent evils that would no longer be part of our world:

  1. No Child Sexual abuse
  2. No human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation
  3. No Prostitution
  4. No Sexualisation of our children
  5. Greatly reduced rate at which HIV is being spread, particularly in poorer African nations. The result of this would be less orphans as the death rate from HIV would be very low. With both parents still on earth, children would be protected from being trafficked as child soldiers or for their labour.
  6. No more one night stands where sex is viewed completely in the framework of fulfilling lust.
  7. No Pornography: child or otherwise
  8. No rapes
  9. A greatly reduced abortion rate
  10. No Affairs therefore no heartache from being cheated on and no pain for the children when the family breaks down
  11. No unwanted or unwelcomed sexual attention
  12. Reduced number of Sexual Transmitted Infections
  13. No sexual harassment in the workplace
  14. Fewer political scandals like Peter Slipper and Craig Thompson
  15. No Kidnapping and enforced sex slavery like the incident in America recently

If only we as humanity would follow God’s prescription for intimacy in marriage.


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5 replies

  1. What was the sexual evils of Sodom and Gomorrah? Are we getting close to being on par?

    • We know what they did in Sodom – I just want to know what was going on in Gomorrah ?
      Must be something more interesting and spicier than a plain sodomy in Sodom !

  2. There is a lot of other things it would eliminate or reduce significantly too. I have just attached a brief snippet from a university assignment I did on adult survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA).

    1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18.
    57%-90% of women in prison are affected by CSA.
    CSA survivors are more likely to be victims of crime than non-abused persons by comparison (especially sexual assaults). 
    Suicide is 10.7-13 times more likely for a CSA victim.
    50-70% of young people within Supported Accommodation Assistance Programs have experienced CSA.
    Clients with substance abuse problems report high levels of exposure to CSA.
    Over 12 different studies showed 20-84% of users in an alcohol abuse programs had experienced CSA.
    In a study on depression 29% of the sample had experienced CSA
    CSA survivors have a higher rate of failed relationships and marriages, and report lower levels of social interaction
    People with sexual assault and abuse histories have a higher frequency of physical and psychological problems.

    Taken from Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA, 2013) and the Australian Institute of Family Studies (Cashmore & Shakel, 2013 and Stathopoulos, 2012) .

    There are many others, I want to say thank you for talking about an unpopular topic of conversation that affects so many of us.

  3. I have heard Christian’s often say that sexual sin is one of the worst in God’s eyes because he talks about it a lot in the bible. This is ludicrous because the bible also says that all sin is equal. I think the reason so much weight is put on sexual sin is because of the absolute damage it does to a person, particularly a child. I would like to see the church put more emphasis on victims of sexual abuse whether children or adults then all the attention they tend to focus on consenting adults who engage in homosexual relationships or sex outside of marriage. I sometimes feel that consenting adults is a much easier topic to wage war at then the faceless victims that occur every day. The truth is if we talked about a sexual abuse more in everyday society less of it would occur.

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