100 Pieces of Information About Peter Pilt

I read a lot of blogs and I was reading a blog the other day and the author of the blog site had listed 100 things about himself. I have never met this guy, but as I read the list, I certainly got a sense of who he was and some of the experiences that he had had in life. It has since enriched my blog experience with his blog as I now know more about him than just his 150 word Bio. So I thought I would do similar. Hopefully it enriches your experience with my blog. These are in random order – except number 100. That’s the most important thing about me.

1) My first girlfriend was a girl called Tracey Cooke. We dated for 3 and a half years. Tracey dumped me.

2) I had a dog named Sam when I was a kid

3) I grew up in an Orcharding Districting just west of Picton, called Lakesland

4) My Dad used to cart wheat to farmers in a truck he owned. Once I was in the back of the truck – when it was stationary, and nearly drowned in the wheat as I sank under the surface. Dad saved me

5) I am an only son

6) I have three sisters

7) All my grandparents have passed away.

8) All my grandparents had a faith in Jesus Christ

9) My surname Pilt, is Estonian

10)My Dad is one of eight children and my mum is one of five – so I have a lot of cousins.

11) I have been to the United States 13 times

12) My preferred airline is Qantas

13) I went to Picton Infants, Picton Primary and Picton Highschool

14) My parents still live in the house they moved into when they got married

15) I added a second middle name – Alan, after my grandfather died, at the request of my mother.

16) I had emergency spinal surgery in September 2008

17) I love using a chain saw

2012-06-16 11.06.12

18) I did a double major in my Economics Degree, Economics and Business Management, through Wollongong University

19) I graduated with Merit, but didn’t know until graduation day. And I was surprised.


20) When I was at uni, I looked like Harry Potter. See above photo

21) I fell off a horse when I was 16. I still think they are dumb animals

22) I have attended church ever since I was 10 days old. This was the church I attended as a child. St Marks Anglican Church in Picton. One of my earliest friendships I can remember was with a girl from church call Deborah McInnes. We were 8 at the time. She then moved away.


23) My first car was a Toyota Corolla. My father and I did up.

24) I took this photo recently and I think it is a pretty good photo


25) I saved a little kid from drowning in a swollen river in Kangaroo Valley, when I was about 17.

26) I own a gun

27)My Parents were Missionaries in PNG, before I was born

feema j congr

28) I have been to PNG – was nearly killed there in a mob violence incident. Here is a photo of the car accident that started it all.  You can read the full story here

photo 6

29) I was at the births of both of my daughters

30) I learned piano as a child but never really stuck at it

31) I used to learn the saxophone at the Conservatorium of Music in Wollongong.

32) I have visited Ayres Rock.


33) I painted my office ceiling as an Australian Flag with the stars as downlights.


34) I don’t like Mangos

35) I still own my very first motorbike. A Honda Z50. They recently bought out the 30th anniversary edition of the bike and it made me feel old.


36) I never lament the fact that I don’t have a son.

37) I do lament the fact that we were only able to have two children

38) We were in the process of adopting a little girl from china, but after being in the program for five years, they told us it would be somewhere between another 5 to 7 years so we pulled out as I would be too old.

39) When I was growing up I used to work in my Uncle’s orchards, picking fruit.

40) When I was at Uni, I worked as a Storeman and Packer in a Home Improvement company:- Premier Home Improvements.

41) I have also worked as a garbo, running behind the garbage trucks and putting the green bins onto a lift to throw the rubbish in. (When I was a student)

42) I don’t like fishing

43) The most common food I eat is a Hamburger with the lot. BBQ sauce.

44) Over the last 3 years, I have developed a disliking of tomato’s.

45) I once attempted to ride my motorbike around Australia in 13 days. This photo was taken by French tourist in a Combi van, 200k’s from Darwin. It was my 40th Birthday.

Bright Flag

46) If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would like to see Monaco.

47) I once wrote a letter to Billy Graham asking if he would give me 4 hours of his time as I would love to meet him. His people said No!

48) I have also written to the Pope and got a reply. I wasn’t asking to see him though.

49) My greatest fear is regret.

50) Ps 1:1-3 is my favourite verse in the bible

51) I drive a Holden

52) Worst accident that I ever had was a bicycle accident I had when I was 14

53) I am increasingly becoming a Mac fan

54) I doubt I will ever own a Harley Davidson

55) I once passed out due to Altitude sickness on Pikes Peak in Colorado. This is the photo that was taken ten minutes before it happened. I still have a scar on my forehead from where I headbutted the floor.


56) I once went deep sea fishing off the Gold Coast and on the way back to shore, the engine in the boat broke down and we drifted for two hours until the captain fixed it.

57) I have never seen a whale, but I would like to

58) I am a fan of having a bucket list

59) I think true friendship is undervalued and extremely rare

60) I used to do debating at school. I joined the debating team because of the 3rd speaker – Julie Chalmers – at the time, I was so in love with her. Unfortunately it was a one sided relationship.

61) I once shot a cockatoo when I was a kid. I remember feeling bad after the event.

61) I like diet coke

62) My favourite chocolate is Cadbury’s Rocky Road

63) The most life changing book that I have read, other than the bible, is Richest Man in Babylon, by George Classon

64) I admired Steve Erwin

65) I wear a temporary tattoo on my left hand. It’s an Australian Flag. I have done that every day since the day that Steve Irwin died in 2006. It’s my patriotic statement

66) I like reading motivational quotes.

67) Favourite movie quote of all time is from Rocky Balboa. “It’s not how hard you can hit that matters, but how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward.”

68) I like watching Big Bang Theory and Law and Order

69) I don’t understand why on Sky News they have a half hour bulletin that consists of 15 mins of sport when there are several dedicated sports channels. Sky News is meant to be a dedicated news channel people

70) I think politically correctness is misplaced passion and quite stupid in alot of instances

71) Best Christian Book I have read over the last few years is The Great Omission by Dallas Willard.

71) I lament how often the F word is used these days

72) I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. This is a photo from Vietnam


73) I am currently doing a Masters Degree in Global Leadership through Fuller Theological Seminary

74) I would like to do a Master Degree in Political Science

75) I once rolled a car – for a sermon illustration

76) The coldest I have ever been is on the Great Wall of China. It was Minus 10 and Laura had got car sick on the trip up and had vomited over her jacket, so we had ditched that and I had given her mine. So so cold.


77) I have been at the controls of a plane – Flew a WWII fighter – at Dalby Air strip – west of Brisbane

78) I worked at Lighthouse Christian Centre in Wollongong for 10 years.church_worship

79) Melanie’s surname before she was married was Lacey. This is a photo of when we first started dating. She was 16


80) I love water-skiing

81) I can jump the wake on a Wakeboard.

82) I used to play comp squash

83) Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef was one of the great experiences of my  life

84) I think Facebook is a place where too much bullying takes place.

85) Favourite song of all time – Down on the Border by Little River Band

86) I proposed to Melanie when were in Canberra for the day. Here is a photo from that day


87) Bill Beard, was the Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Centre when I was working there and I credit him with teaching me much about the Spirit realm and Leadership.

88) Ps Jack Hanes has been the most influential leader in my life, in terms of developing strategic leadership thought.

89) I think forgiveness is one of the hardest things that God expects of us as humans.

90) Part of me wonders whether making a list like this is a tad arrogant. Oh well

91) I have been the Pastor of Nowra City Church for 12 years. I love the church

Watoto - 290712_19

92) I used to live in Brisbane. This is our house in Wishart.


93) I pioneered a church when I lived in the Southern part of Wollongong in a suburb called Albion Park. The church continues to flourish

94) I have been to a Pink Concert and a U2 concert.

95) I also recently went to a Mental as Anything concert – ah the  80’s

96) I am surprised that people don’t prepare for such an inevitable event as death

97) I have ridden an elephant three separate times in two different countries.

98) My first roadbike was a GSX 1100


99)The final point is the most important thing you need to know about me

100) I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that through faith in him, my sins are forgiven and my eternal destiny has been changed.

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  1. I like it, some interest facts I didn’t know about you, Love that photo of Nowra City Church

  2. mate thats is bloody good, part of me wonders should have I said that, oh well

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