National Others Week – 29th October to the 4th November 2012





National Others Week is 7 days where we will be taking the focus off ourselves and onto those around us. The key objective is to honor and acknowledge those who volunteer and serve the community; to give a helping hand to a mate in need; or just surprise someone with a random act of kindness.

The principle motivation behind National Others Week is to develop a greater awareness of those in our community. To look outside our “own 4 walls” and make a difference in the life of someone else. It doesn’t need to be a big gesture or expensive gift but rather the gift of an encouraging word, being a positive influence in someone’s world or being of assistance to someone in need. We lead such busy lives and National Others Week is about bringing back into focus the fact that Life is a Team Sport and we are hear to lift our fellow man up, in their journey through life.

Clinical Psychologists tell us that when we think of our fellow man and actually go the step further and serve them in some way, eg volunteering, it builds self-esteem in ourselves.  The action of serving someone else is actually of benefit to the person serving as well as the receiver. Being a blessing to others is actually a precursor to your own happiness. The socially accepted stance of our society is it’s all about me.  But that causes selfishness and self centeredness which eventually leads to poor self-esteem.  National Others week is all about changing this and championing others.

To quote Albert Einstein:

Only a life lived for others is a life worth while”

And King Solomon, considered one of the wisest men of all time said:

“Two are better than one, if someone falls he has someone to help him back up”

If two of the wisest and smartest men of history are saying that, we can’t be wrong!

Stuck for ideas? Here is an initial list to get the balling rolling;

But don’t this list limit you. You can come up with your own list of the ways that you are going to participate in National Others Week.

  1. Donate blood
  2. Flash mob local nursing home – Where you and ten of your friends turn up and help out the residents in some way.
  3. Provide driveway service at a local service station
  4. Mow your neighbours lawn
  5. Cook and deliver a meal for someone
  6. Have someone you don’t know real well over for dinner
  7. Organise an early Christmas street bbq
  8. Pay for someone’s groceries at the shops
  9. Carry someone shopping to the car
  10. Buy a pig  for a family in Vietnam and change their future – this can be done through ACL World Missions.
  11. Write a thankyou note to someone who serves the community, eg, police, teacher, nurse, youth worker.
  12. Tell  5 of your facebook friends what you appreciate about them.
  13. Work out a way to use $10 to make someone’s day. Now do it.
  14. Leave an inspiring book on a train or bus or coffee shop with a note saying it’s a gift.
  15. Have a meaningful chat with someone who is homeless.
  16. Do something to honour a community volunteer.
  17. Give the gift of self inner transformation – Go 7 days without being critical or negative.
  18. Do something to bless your boss – whether they deserve it or not
  19. Leave a bouquet of flowers on your neighbour’s front door.
  20. Slip $20 to someone you know who is doing it tough.
  21. Be intentional with expressing thanks to those who serve you – waiter/waitress, shop assistants  etc
  22. Take some food to your next workplace meeting – bake some muffins for example.
  23. Spend some time with your grandparents.
  24. Cheer on a mate as they play in local sports
  25. Wash someones car.
  26. Smile
  27. Donate something of value that you don’t use anymore to a charity.
  28. Write a hand written letter to childen telling them you love them and they make you proud
  29. Understand the power of your presence – and just be there for someone
  30. Change your license and donate your organs
  31. If you are good with children, offer to babysit and give the gift of a break to a single mum or a couple.
  32. Pick up some rubbish – give the gift of a healthier environment
  33. Call someone who you have lost contact we, and renew a friendship
  34. Hold a door open for a stranger
  35. Bring Cookies to work
  36. Call your mum
  37. Leave a thankyou note for the cleaners at work
  38. Appreciate your children’s teachers
  39. Leave a waiter or waitress a decent tip
  40. Give positive feedback to the manager of a business where you have been served well
  41. Write a positive note to a local politician
  42. Tell someone you believe in them and you think they can achieve their dreams
  43. Change the toilet roll if it runs out while you are using its services.
  44. Be friendly to an anonymous phone operator
  45. Pray for someone
  46. Compliment 5 people in your day
  47. Write a love letter to your spouse. I am talking a smoking, hot, steamy love letter that makes 50 shades of Grey read like a bland book of nothingness
  48. Ask an older person for advice
  49. Be especially happy  for someone when they tell you good news
  50. Share this list with 10 other people.

So on the 29th October make a list of things you can do for others.  Start each day with the purpose to see how many people’s lives you can make a difference in.

“Many small people, in many small places, doing many small things, that can alter the face of the world.”  Anonymous

So get on board with National Others Week because Life is a team Sport

Peter Pilt

NOW National Director

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