Morning News Wrap – Friday 27th September 2013.

M68!:Morning News Wrap for Friday September 27th 2013. Good Morning. Here is the News. Police Officer shot on the Gold Coast. Man found unconscious in Parramatta Street. Aussie embassy staffer in Indonesia charged with possessing child porn. AFL Grandfinal this weekend in Melbourne. Bushfire conditions ease in NSW: 60 fires still burning. The One Direction entourage ignore red lights in Perth. Homeless man in NY pushes a 21 year old woman in front of a train because she wouldn’t give him money. World powers closer to Syria deal. Human remains found on the Costa Concordia.  A UK study has found that one in ten people regret marrying the person they did. More than 100 people in China have been stung by swarms of hornets with 18 people dying. US rapist freed after just one month in jail. 158 people killed in Philippines standoff. Wild pigs scare Atlanta suburb. Wall Street up 35 points. Man buys billboard to find love. US road bridge drops 70cm in the middle. New IPCC findings “rebuff to alarmists”. Kenyan police widen search for Mall attackers. Iran hits at unfair UN nuclear agency, ahead of talks. 29 people killed in central Sudan’s worst unrest for years.

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