The Top Ten Things I Don’t Understand


Sitting here on a Saturday arvo and thought I would blog….Yeah I know so I don’t have a life. Anyway so I thought I would blog the Top 10 Things I Don’t Understand, but don’t think too deeply on it…just list the first ten things that came into my head.  So here they are.

  1. The allure of the Poker Machine.
  2. The insane hunt for the perfect coffee.
  3. The fact that people get onto an escalator and then stop walking.
  4. Christians who walk away from God.
  5. Parents who are verbally abusive to their children.
  6. People who drink Pepsi.
  7. Minimalist art.
  8. Poetry.
  9. How they split the Atom and why when it’s in half it releases so much power.
  10. A person’s cruelty to another person….thinking here of places like Syria and Iraq.

So what would your list include…?

Post the first ten things that come into your mind in the comments.

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  1. 1. Why people send their kids to Christian schools then complain about the religious content and viewpoints
    2. Senior maths
    3. The current fascination with beards
    4. How people can still be fighting for their right to choose to abort their baby when the evidence is clear that the child is a live, growing human
    5. Why billions of dollars is spent on space exploration when we could be using it to solve problems on Earth
    6. Trafficking of children
    7. Why “Hudson Hawk” got such bad reviews in the 90’s. Our family loved it!
    8. Why Australian mortgages are so disproportionate to the average family’s income
    9. Why people get Botox/lip fillers
    10. Why this list took me so long when there are many more things I don’t understand!!!

  2. 1. Why theres such a difference in thought processes between men and women.
    2. Why some people expect that they will go to heaven when they die but dont make any attempt to know God while they are alive.
    3. Why men can’t multitask.
    4. I don’t understand the allure of ‘the selfie’.
    5. The idea of evolution.
    6. Why every device or machine needs some sort of a consumable to run.
    7. Why some minorities call for equaltiy but expect that they can have thier own facilities and groups at the exclusion of the majority. (And wonder why it doesn’t help the situation)
    8. Why you always miss with the hammer when someones watching you.
    9. Vanilla Sky.
    10. The use of the term invention / creation over discovery.

  3. I think it might be quicker to list 10 things I do understand but here goes.
    1. Why do Athiests spend anytime trying to convince people that God does not exist. If He doesn’t just live your life.
    2. Why people leave rubbish at a picnic spot. ( just been for a walk through the bush)
    3. Man buns.
    4. Why Americans love guns so much that it blinds them to their horrific gun deaths.
    5. Donald Trump.
    6. Domestic violence.
    7. Why pop stars have so much money but seem to afford so little clothing.
    8. Why people think they can be so hateful on social media.
    9. Why we pay sports people so much money but nurses have to fundraiser to buy equipment.
    10. Caitlin Jenna and the whole gender fluid idea.

  4. 1. Why so many worshipers of a socialist prophet, seem to adopt right wing conservative politics.

    2. Rich Churches

    3. How people lament the extreme cruelties in the world while living out the smaller versions of the same mindset that leads to these cruelties.

    4. Cryptic Crosswords

    5. Why only the Christians speaking and living furthest from the way Jesus acted and taught go into politics.

    6. What Dub step is

    7. How kids are sound asleep at 8am and too tired to get up when woken Mon-Fri and bounce out of bed at 6am on the weekend

    8. Minecraft

    9. Manbuns (the hair thing)

    10. AFL (Well not as much as I apparently should, living in Tassie)

  5. Iwhy people these days cant take a subtle hint.
    Why people these days always have to blame somebody else for what theyve done.
    Why when someone gets in trouble they say oh yes but she… as though its a tit for tat.
    Why cooks in nursi g homes cant cook but cooks in childcare centres can
    why you just cant pay a large sum of money to lose weight eg. $500for 30 kg loss
    why stoves are so slow to warm up when ur standing next to it and on fire when you walk away for the same length of time.

    how people with families have all the money more regular holidays and i cant afford a motel for more than one night

    only 8 off hand

  6. Well you’d think this list would be easy… Hrmm here it goes

    1. How Asians can write perfect English (in some cases better than us) but can’t speak it.
    2. ISIS
    3. Why bad things happen to good people.
    4. QLD health and their lack of care for their patients.
    5. Why there is no cure for cancer.
    6. Poverty, when we give all our hard earned tax payers money to overseas in Aid, especially when we know more than half of it doesn’t make the cause.
    7. Parents who don’t care for their children .
    8. Bullies.
    9. Greed we have enough for everyone.
    10. Domestic Violence. If you love someone don’t you want the best for them?

  7. 1. How people who have known the love, forgiveness and power of Christ can turn their backs on Him.
    2. How people can eat Vegemite…or fish…or durian?
    3. Why is it acceptable to look at a nude paint (detailed or abstract) in an art gallery but not in a magazine or on the Internet? Don’t both mediums bring one to the same place of desire/lust?
    4. Why do slow drivers insist on using the fast lane on the freeway?
    5. Why can’t ALL wages/remuneration be based on job performance or customer satisfaction. Wouldn’t that increase the overall quality of the job?
    6. What is the purpose of the mosquito?
    7. Shouldn’t we be really concerned about the .01%of the germs your hand sanitizer DOES NOT kill?
    8. Do household smoke dectectors really expire or should you simply replace the battery. Are the manufacturers simply “blowing smoke our way” (pun intended) to make us buy more of their products?
    9. Before he took and ate the fruit, Adam was a sinless man. Could he have died for the redemption of the world at that point?
    10. Why can’t these things be 9 or 7 things? Why are they always 10?

  8. 1. Why people like coffee.
    2. Why left leaning “progressives” make so many concessions for islam but are happy to trash christianity.
    3. Why we can’t get have one PM for the full term
    4. Why women are obsessed with shopping.
    5. How some christians can be so hateful.
    6. Smoking.
    7. Suicide. When there are people with terminal conditions who are fighting with everything they have for their lives.
    8. Why chip packets are always half empty when you open them.
    9. Why bad weather usually strikes on weekends or on long awaited events.
    10. Sleeping in. When early morning is the best time of the day.

  9. 1/ Why anyone would start smoking.
    2/ Women.
    3/ Why anyone would by a Lexus.
    4/ Why the government cannot/won’t get control of petrol prices.
    5/ Why doesn’t Tasmania and NT have an AFL team in a National competition yet NSW and Qld have 2 each.
    6/ How Labor keep on getting voted back in when they smash things up so bad eventually.
    7/ School bullying policies.
    8/ Australia’s parole system.
    9/ How Essendon thought that they would get away with what became the ASADA investigation.
    10/ How any bloke can attack the weak and think that he is being manly.

  10. 1. How do people start something and not complete it.
    2. What on earth makes some people tick.
    3. People who are consistantly late.
    4. Mean, nasty people…How others can treat another human being.
    5. Why some beautiful looking trees or plants stink.
    6. Spiders, snakes or rats as pets.
    7. Vegetarians that wear shoes made out of leather.
    8. Church
    9. When people turn a blind eye.
    10. Non alcoholic beer/wine.

  11. Where did my list go ?! Lol !!


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