Today I Sat Beside a Man Who Had 6 Weeks to Live…

Today I sat by the bedside of man recently diagnosed with a brain tumour and given just six more weeks to live.

I sat amazed as he spoke of his excitement of seeing his wife again: she died on Good Friday last year.

I was moved as he spoke with such tenderness about his precious bride of 57 years.

I laughed as he jokingly said with a glint in his eye that he has been causing “a bit of trouble” with the nurses and I thought what an incredible thing to have such a sense of humour as you face the end of your life.

I was inspired when he looked me in the eye and said…I have had a really good life. And I thought what an incredible place to be as you face your death…There were no regrets, no negatives, no bitterness….Just “I have had a good life” Such contentment.

I once again saw the difference Jesus makes not only in life but as life ends as this man of faith spoke of his love for Jesus, his love for the church and his favourite verses that he wants read at this funeral. It did make me think…no atheist has this peace at this point in life.

I was honoured as we prayed together.

I was blessed as we hugged.

And as I walked away from this 82 year old man, I thought I can only hope that is me in 40 years time.

Thank you sir for deeply impacting me today. Made me think.

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4 replies

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring time you shared with this gentleman. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Pastor Pete , I just Pray I have the Grace to be uplifting to others when my time comes .

  3. “no atheist has this peace at this point in life”

    That’s the sad thing, that there are so many atheists.

    • “no atheist has this peace at this point in life”.

      “All Christians will go to heaven.”
      “All Catholics will burn in hell.”
      “All Christian women who’ve had abortions will meet their deceased babies.”

      That was a silly comment to make so I was just continuing from that (NOTE: Don’t take me seriously on the above nonsense). There are atheists who are at peace on their death bed, it’s the Christians (and atheists) who saw the light and knew the right things to do but didn’t do it that have the most regrets.

      Still, was a nice thing you did having a good ol’ chat with that gentleman.

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