Australia’s Misdirected Passion When it Comes to the Bali Nine Pair.

Andrew Chan (left) and Myuran Sukumaran together in 2011.


Bali Nine pair Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are facing execution by firing squad in Indonesia for being the ring leaders for 7 other young Australians who tapped 8 kilos of heroin to their bodies almost a decade ago.

As their execution has become imminent, there are frenzied attempts by many people in many forms to save their lives. Now I am not a supporter of capital punishment, and I am certainly a supporter of exhausting every legal and/or diplomatic avenue to commute their sentence to life imprisonment instead of death. However, there have been multiple candle light vigils, celebrities have united to call for their lives to be saved and this morning I noticed 145,000 people have signed a petition to the President of Indonesian begging for clemency.

In my head space this is misdirected passion.

I wonder if these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) would help Rosie Batty (Australian of the Year)  stop domestic violence.

I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) have done to reduce the 1 in 3 female children who are sexually abused by age 18.

I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) have done to campaign to stop the millions of young girls around the world who are forced at age 8 to undergo Female Genital Mutilation.

I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) have done to stop the 10,000 women a year who are killed in Honour Killings.

I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) have done for people whose lives have been destroyed by drug abuse in Australia.

I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) are doing to reduce the sucide rate in our nation that currently stands at about 5 people a day killing themselves.

I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) are doing about the conditions that we keep Asylum Seekers in on Manus Island.

Now I get that I am being a little unfair to these 145,000 Australians (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets)  because they all could be amazing activists that are doing their best. But somehow I doubt it. I simply get frustrated when so much effort is going into a campaign to save two men who knowingly did the wrong thing in a country that famously executes drug traffickers, when there are so many other things that would be better suited to the honourable passion of these people.

Well that’s what I think anyway….

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  1. you forgot say amen and rightly so thats evil working on all of our minds as it says resist and control your mind. by the way peter what do you think of obama like to know your thoughts on that subject.

  2. I wonder what these 145,000 people (and celebrities and politicians and media outlets) are doing to stop the roughly 80,000 babies being aborted in Australia each year.

  3. Hi Peter , as one of the 145,000 who signed the petition i do agree with you about the band wagon effect but this situation is happening right now for these young men who have apparently had an epiphany and have changed their thinking radically reflected in the work they are doing with prisoners in Bali . Everybody deserves a another chance that’s what our GOD does …gives new life to sinners … remember ?

  4. Someone wise said once you can’t be passionate about everything, it will kill you.

  5. I musy agree with Peter. It is misdirected compassion. Although I don’t agree with capital punishment, it seems to me that they new exactly what they were doing and only looked at the personal reward each would receive.

  6. Pastor Peter I have heard you..I signed petition I know what it is to be a mum whose kids have gone astray in many ways,.I would hope and pray my son could be spared..They certainly have done the wrong thing and could have taken many young people down with their drugs and that is horrific to think about..They were very young and very stupid.I believe they should pay their term in prison but the firing squad not sure. God is ultimately in control and he could turn the hearts of kings,.It is in His hands..He is the ultimate judge. My heart breaks for parents whose kids are shot like dogs..Human life is precious…

  7. Well there’s a couple of minutes of my life gone reading that which I will never get back.

    • Yet you spent another couple of minutes telling me…lol

      • Couple of seconds not minutes buddy, and your answer was not really a response. I think your attempt at a universal guilt trip has fallen on its face. The tactic of repeated phrase bashing, which you do so well, is a trick regularly used by politicians and hucksters to make it seem like they are arguing something, when in reality it’s mere puff. Sure there are lots of causes that need attention, but those boys are something immediate and direct that CAN be changed and NEEDS to be changed NOW to save their lives. Your whole tirade came across as sanctimonious chest thumping to no good purpose. Save that sort of stuff for the pulpit.

  8. Does it have to be either/or…can’t we do both…I was one of the 145,000…Even though my uncle died of a heroin overdose, I signed the petition because I believe they have changed and are using their lives to help people. I cannot speak for all the 145,000 but I have been involved in some of the issues that you have spoken about in my own neighbourhood. I support canteen and the red cross, I also have a sponsor child who I’ve been sponsoring for about 5yrs.

  9. I get what you’re saying Pete…and I agree…it’s tragic but these young men knew they were playing with fire…and when you play with fire you can get seriously burned…so many lives are lost to heroin…it’s just not that often that it’s the dealers who pay with their lives.

    I would ask the 145,000 if they campaign so passionately for the babies who will be ‘executed’ this coming week, or the following week, or in the weeks, months and years to come? Today hundreds of little ones are alive…not just two but hundreds…in a couple of days, or weeks or months they will be dead…they will be executed…their need is now and their need is urgent…who is holding candle-light vigils for them?…who is petitioning our government for them?…they are innocent…and they are largely ignored…what’s with that?

  10. Maybe the majority of the145000 people also work in the areas you quoted, but I hear you !19 people were killed in France absolutely terrible ,but how much media coverage spoke about the 2000 killed in Nigeria!!?

    • I doubt you’d be banging on about the 145,000+ supporters if it were someone in your immediate family, congregation or a close colleague in this situation (yes, they both did a silly thing – haven’t we all?) So I will just say, I’d rather live in a world with humans who have passion, whether misdirected or not, than a world where nobody gives two bobs about the welfare of strangers. WWJD?

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