Peter Pilt’s Announcement of his Resignation from Nowra City Church.


Today, 1st of February 2015, I have announced that Melanie and I will be stepping down from being Senior Pastors of Nowra City Church with our last Sunday being the 29th March 2015. My decision has been well prayed through and I whole heartedly believe that I am stepping into the next phase of the call of God on my life. I also deeply believe that after 15 years at the helm of Nowra City Church, that it’s in the timing of God for a new leader with fresh energy and fresh vision to build on the achievements of the last 15 years of my leadership and indeed the entire 27 years of the church’s life and take it forward to new levels.

So post the 29th March, I will be taking on a new role within the INC Movement where I will be focussing on Social Justice, Missions and Communications. This role will see me investing a substantial amount of my time into Global Care as we take Global Care truly Global. I will also, among other things, be assisting the President of the Movement, Ross Abraham, with International Relations and Missions. I will also continue to be the Senior Pastor of Impact Church Canberra, working with Russell and Sue Driscoll, and continue to serve on both the National and State Executives. Anyone who knows me well will know that social justice and missions are a large part of the passions of my life and so this new role aligns very well with those passions.

It is my deep honour to announce that the new Senior Pastors of Nowra City Church will be Jason and Michelle Smith. Jason and Michelle pioneered a great church in Morayfield over a 12 year period before moving to NZ to take on the leadership of the INC Auckland church. They are very excited to be returning to Australia and becoming the Pastors of Nowra City Church. I have known Jason and Michelle for over ten years and I wholeheartedly endorse them and commend them to the church.

There will be time for me to express my appreciation to the leaders and people of Nowra City Church, but I will take this opportunity now to say it’s been a great honour to lead the people of the church, and I deeply appreciate all the people who have carried leadership weight. Truly Nowra City Church is a great church, filled with great people serving a great God.

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  1. One must do as God directs. Be blessed Peter.

  2. Peter, Sorry to see you go. Nowra needs somebody of your vibrance but a large vision like your own needs a bigger horizon. All the very best for the future from Thelma and myself
    Tim Janes

  3. I feel very excited about the future of global Global Care..Have loved meeting you on facebook feel so excited about such an articulate communicator and servant heart and advocator for social justice having a front position Öut There”..I will be listening for your voice in His Name..

  4. Hi Melanie & Pete , I’m sorry to see that you moving on you will be sadly missed but as we know many things are for a season .. In my Spirit I believe this is what God has in plan for you and knowing you are an obedient servant He has made this thing possible. I don’t know if your leaving Nowra I’m sure you will let us know when it’s time to .. I’m just concerned on who will step into the role of Prime Minister of Nowra now 😊 we’ve come a long way from The Lighthouse in the Gong , for me to Bowral and now Nowra . What a great founding with Bill Beard ! God Bless you both & your beautiful daughters .. May He continue to Bless you with great Wisdom & Discernment.. .. One regret for me Pete ,you probably won’t be here to do my funeral service it was going to be an extravaganza LOL ( think Les Mis ) . Yours in the name of our Blessed JESUS ONLY JESUS …

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  5. Wishing you the greatest blessings in the journey God has before you Pete. You have been one of the most influential people in my my walk with God and I know even greater things await you.

  6. i knew this was coming, God definitely has been realigning you & Melanie for some time now & it’s finally here. Altho it is with a very sad heart to release you both i know it’s always Kingdom work & our obedience to our Savior to move forward & do His calling on our lives 🙂 you are doing just this very thing 🙂 i love you both very much & count it a privilege to have met you & gotten to know you (even that wicked sense of humor of yours) i’ts not the end of a relationship … for God sake we have the internet now could we ever lose touch ay 🙂 Go with Gods blessings & anointing Xx

  7. Very bitter sweet to hear the news. I am an infrequent church goer to your church. Each and every time I have attented, yourself and your beautiful family have always made me feel like i am and can be a better and more proactive person with everything. You are truly an inspiring servant of God. Thank you

  8. This makes me happy. #2015 #GameChanger #GameOn

  9. Really Tony????? I wasn’t going to approve your comment for publish but then I thought I would to show people the kind of crap i deal with as a pastor…

  10. Another step towards making life better for everyone you touch Peter, all the very best for your future & that of your family. Your shoes will be hard to fill but I am sure whoever takes the helm of NCC will be just as dedicated & lively as you have been during your work here.

  11. May God bless you and Melanie and your family as you walk together in Faith in this new journey. You will be leaving an awesome legacy for Nathan and Michelle – and big shoes to fill !! Blessings 🙂

  12. Congratulations Mate … You have served your community well …

  13. Our loss Global Cares gain
    Am missing you bud.


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