An Email and Photos from Ps Raju (INC Pastor) in Nepal

This is a unedited email from Ps Raju, that I have just received that he sent three days after the Nepalese Earthquake. Ps Raju is in the yellow T-Shirt.


Sindupalchowk & Kavrepalanchowk: Nepal police has confirmed 1400 people have died by the earthquake collapsing forty thousand houses as said by a local Mr. Hari Kahdka there.  In this area, people are living in fragile and vulnerable houses with no good foundations, on which mostly have been destroyed.

The supplies distributed today will feed 120 families whose houses are collapsed in rubbles, displaced with no food, shelter and even tents to spent night under. While we distributed tents that can shed in 2 families of 6 members each, a total of 120 families collapsed houses can tonight relax under the shed covering their families from wet monsoon in the area.  Sacks of rice and lentils will be able to kill their hunger that they have been experiencing for 3 days after the earthquake that struck all of their houses making them unable to even eat and sleep. The happiness that was seen in the families with their excitement of carrying the loads of supplies are hereby attached to this letter. Altogether 820 people were benefited from the Relief Aid Distribution.




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