The Irony of Melbourne’s Anti Racism Protests


So there was a protest in Melbourne today that turned violent.

Here is the link to the story on Ninemsn

It was an anti racism protest: which sounds great. I support a non-racist worldview. But it turned violent when the protest clashed with an anti Islam protest…..

Now what I find ironic is what a man from the anti racist protest said on the 5pm SkyNews (31st May 2015): “We are here to protest against people who hate people who are different to them.”

Yet he missed the fact that they were hating on the anti Islamic protestors: clearly people who were different to them. I really don’t understand how people don’t see the irony or even the hypocrisy of what they are saying.

It’s like people who accuse me of being judgmental on social media. I always make comment that by pointing out my apparent judgmental stance: aren’t they being judgmental toward me? They fail to see the irony.

Similar to those who subscribe to the Doctrine of Tolerance. Again I have come across people who passionately preach this doctrine, saying that I, as a Christian and as a Pastor should be more tolerant….But then I ask them, shouldn’t they, as passionate believers of tolerance, tolerate me, even though they see me as intolerant?

I never get clear answers.

Anyway, that’s my musing for this afternoon.

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  1. Pete, as a Christian, there are things you will always be intolerant of, that is the nature of our faith, sadly, these special interest groups will always miss that point. As Christians, we have to be extremely careful about tolerance.

  2. Why even report this Peter? There are plenty of scuffles in the name of racism and free speech. You’re not in Melbourne, so I don’t get it…. were you there???

    • No I wasn’t there. But the hypocrisy of so much of society is alarming.

      • Well, it seems like you are trying to say that ‘The Left’ has more hypocrisy than ‘The Right’. To be honest, it all gets a bit wearisome when under the guise of religious wisdom. And, I’d posit that hypocrisy is about the same in both camps. Not that pointing out the hypocrisy of pointing out hypocrisy actually went well for anyone, ever. But at least we have solidarity in the act of doing it. 😀

      • Agreed. hypocrisy is the same where it is

  3. The same goes for discrimination. I choose to live in one house and therefore I discriminate against the ones I do not live, or in favour of the one I choose to live in.
    When going shopping if I was totally against discrimination how could I choose what shop to go to or what things to by and if there are many of them how do i not buy them all. when it come to eating what I bring home how can i leave some for another time unless I discriminate. In fact how can I write this unless I discriminate which key to refuse to use or to use at any time. A serious problem as I see it so we should all discriminate all the time as we must do that to be honest with living in our world

  4. dis•crim•i•na•ting “Showing careful judgment or fine taste: a discriminating collector of rare books; a dish for the discriminating palate”

    Discriminate used to be a positive word, but like other words such as “gay” and “partner” it’s been corrupted by those who don’t wish to hear that their lifestyle is sinful.

  5. one day we will realise no matter what, fascism, communism ,DEMO craty or THEOCRATY take a pick yes only one will do the job


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