Peter Pilt’s San Andreas Movie Review (Without Being a Spoiler).


Will try and not have to issue a spoiler alert.

Just saw the new Blockbuster Movie San Andreas. Awesome movie and I loved it.

It’s a story of redemption, family restoration, heroism and love, all wrapped up in an action movie with pretty cool special effects.

Go and see it :- unless you have an earthquake phobia or you prefer love story chick flicks in which case let me recommend Mad Maxine to you.

However…… As I watched it I couldn’t help but think of the horrors of Nepal and the 10,000 people who recently lost their lives during the earthquake. As the movie dealt with the post earthquake devastation, I was reminded of a news story I read only this morning of Nepal having to tighten child travel laws to stop children, now orphans, being trafficked out of the country. Reality is so much more devastating than what Hollywood portrays.

The movie in its trajectory is fairly predictable for an American movie, complete with the unfurling of the old stars and strips over a devastated Golden Gate Bridge with the main character saying (and I have to confess I spoke this out word for word before he said it) We will rebuild.

Overall though, an entertaining 120 minutes and if you go in and view it through a Nepalese lens, allow your heart to weep for the people of that country.

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