Morning News Wrap for Thursday 18th June 2015


The Morning News Wrap is a summary of the news from a number of News Websites and SkyNews. It’s news:- often with attitude, sometimes with humor, mostly with sensitivity but always with opinion.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News.

  • Legendary Olympic Runner and former Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke has died aged 78. A small part of the crowd at the football game last night booed as there was a tribute to him.
  • Family angry at authorities after revelation Melbourne murder victim called police for help 38 times.
  • Australia and China sign historic free trade deal. Just don’t get them talking about human rights.
  • Rainbow over Sydney sends social media into a frenzy. God says you’re welcome. See Pic.
  • Waltzing Matilda Museum burns down in Central Queensland.
  • A man has been killed in a car crash in Bowral.
  • Russia does not want arms race with the US….so to prove this point they are building 40 more Nuclear Bombs……good job Russia.
  • Escaped lion from flooded Georgia zoo kills man.
  • Pedantic Paleontologist gives Jurassic World a bad rap…..there is nothing worse that a Pedantic Paleontologist oh except Dodgy Dogwasher, Bitchy Beautician, Nosey Neighbor and a Finicky Facebook Friend.
  • Donald Trump declares he is really rich as he launches his Presidential Campaign. Ok let me also add to the previous list….Dipstick Don.
  • A UK hospital has apologized to the family of a teen girl who they told to stop googling her symptoms, just months before she died of cancer. Ok still adding to the previous list: a Hurtful Hospital.
  • Slovak cops stand by as screaming woman kidnapped in Taxi…..Still adding to the Pedantic Paleontologist list with adding Slack Slovaks.
  • Russian Porsche driver flips out after speeding in rain…..this headline was sponsored by Flip Out Trampoline Centers.
  • Ex Turkey President dies.
  • Something about Paris Hilton (Yawn) fell asleep. Which was the better option than poking my eyes out.
  • Apparently the reason why the oil price is still falling is because there is too much crude…which means that whoever wrote this report has been watching Reality TV, SouthPark and Question Time in Parliament.
  • Huge diplomatic rift between Italy and France after the after a Minister in the French Government suggested people should stop eating Nutella. Speaking of Nutella…..MELANIE WHERE IS MY BREAKFAST?

You are now informed.

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