Six Questions You Should Never Ever Ever Ask. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In fact you shouldn’t even read this blog)


In my experience there are some questions that we are no longer allowed to ask in our society. I am posting this blog as a community service. Please never ever ask these questions…..for your own good.

Re: Tolerance

Why don’t the strong advocates of tolerance tolerate even those they deem to be intolerant? Surely if you truly believe in tolerance, wouldn’t you model true tolerance even with people you disagree with or who you think are intolerant? I mean that just seems to make sense.

My experience on social media is that the preachers of the doctrine of tolerance are some of the most intolerant people around….But don’t ever ask them about it….They don’t tolerate question about their intolerance.

Re: Muslims

Don’t ever question the line that everyone quotes around world quotes….”Islam is a religion of peace?” To question this will result in name calling, threats etc. Everyone believes Islam is a religion of peace….unless you read the Qu’ran…..then maybe not.

And here is a bonus question you shouldn’t ask….When Aussie Muslims felt threatened post Lindt Cafe Siege (which is unfortunate and something I do not condone in anyway), people started trending the term We will ride with you….yet when defence force personnel who had been threatened by Muslim extremists, were told not to wear their uniforms in public….how come no one started a trend…We will ride with our uniformed defence personnel?

Re: Marriage Equality

Any question regarding marriage equality will only result in you being labeled a homophobic non human….which entertains me as I shake my head about how Christians are called to accept the gay lifestyle but no one can see the irony in the fact that gay people don’t embrace the Christian lifestyle, or at least celebrate the fact that we too can be normal people who have the freedom to choose how we live and what we believe in.  In fact in my personal experience, the gay people in my world are more judgmental toward my faith that I am toward their lifestyle… (Oh I expect to get in trouble for that one).

Re: Judgmental

When someone accuses you of being judgment because you have an opinon that is opposite to theirs….here is a question that you can’t ask if you are expecting an answer…In accusing me of being judgmental….aren’t you being judgemental of me….which then means you are being judgemental on my opinion which makes you not only judgemental but also a hypocrite…Is that right?


Here is a big one. Don’t ever ask Why is it Ok for Israel to mistreat Palestinians?

Here is my advice….


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15 replies

  1. your just too sensitive Pete, you must be getting old.

    Say what you want to be said and be done with it. Just realise people will do the same back.

    Harden up princess.

    • Nope…That’s actually not accurate…..The blog is a statement on the hypocrisy of society…..not a personal issue although i used personal thoughts to illustrate the point……

  2. Did you know that Australian gay people who declare they are Christian and want to be involved in Church is growing?

  3. This is pure brilliance! My husband and I talk about all these topics all the time and seem to find ourselves in trouble haha! Oh well it makes life interesting 😉

  4. There was a BC comic once where one character (i think with a sign saying ‘down with intolerance’) was hit by another with a sign saying ‘we don’t tolerate intolerance’. It is so true these days.

  5. What a load of crap…Keep your blinkers on…it suits your narrow minds…

    • Scott….Its a comment on society about how having a counter opinion to others results in name calling and insults…you my friend have illustrated exactly what I am saying….you don’t know me but you have judged that i am narrow minded with blinkers on….all because I don;t see the world like you… point exactly. So thank you.

  6. Love your article Peter, I have come to the opinion that as a Christian I can tolerate another viewpoint because I have a clear conscious towards God, so when I am accused of being a bigot and judgemental I find it bemusing but not offensive. But for those who accuse me of being judgemental it is because they don’t have a clear conscious towards God and they are truly afraid of the consequences of the choices. Just a thought

  7. I heard a story the other day of someone who after putting a rainbow over their facebook picture felt that responses to that (perhaps queries to what they actually supported) was somehow an “attack”.

    Maybe I was brought up wrong, but I would have thought that if someone identifies that they support something then they should be able to provide some sort of ideas about what they actually do support and why.

  8. Love your thoughts Pete. I’ve been judged most of my life and 90% of the time I tried to voice my opinion I
    got cut to pieces by people who wanted to voice their point of view but I wasn’t allowed to voice mine.
    Harden up princess was a harsh statement but that’s his opinion certainly not mine. I’ve copt heaps in my life
    & if it wasn’t for my faith in God I’d wouldn’t be around. Keep punching

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