Elevation Church and Global Care’s Latest Quickfit Project: Being Part of the Solution to Domestic Violence and Homelessness on the Gold Coast: Besor Home.


There has been a lot of media attention about domestic violence in Australia of late. Just two weeks ago, 5 women and a child were killed by their respective ex partners. Last week a heavily pregnant woman was also killed by her ex partner.

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Another issue that is a significant on the Gold Coast is homelessness. Elevation Church’s local Global Care is currently undertaking a significant project to completely gut and renovate 2 x Two Bedroom units that will then be fitted out and made available for homeless pregnant young girls and run in a partnership with Salvation Army. Currently there are 350 volunteers from Elevation Church set to descend on the property on the weekend of the 10th October. Quickfit Co-coordinator Ps Andy Backhouse and volunteer contractors are currently undertaking some prep work, like re-plumbing the house, getting ready for the big weekend. The home will be called Besor Home. Besor comes from the bible and is a place where some of King David’s men, weary from the battle, took refuge and refreshed.

Ps Andy Backhouse talking briefly on the Project

This is an ambitious project, an exciting project, a much needed project and unfortunately an expensive project.

When I wrote my blog on Domestic Violence, I had a number of people ask what can they do to be part of the solution. A Tax deductible donation to the Besor Home through Global Care is one practical way. 100% of all donations go to assist the fitout.

Here are the Internet Banking Details.

Global Care

BSB 704 024

A/C No. 100 00 157

Put Besor in the deposit description.









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  1. I love that your faith has works Pete! God bless this work.

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