Peter Pilt Shares His Thoughts on the Mayor of the Shoalhaven, Jo Gash.


One of the first things I did when I arrived into Nowra to Pastor Nowra City Church in October of 2000, was to go and meet the then Federal Member for Gilmore, Joanna Gash. Yesterday, with just three more days to go before my family leave Nowra and move to Queensland, I had lunch with the former Member for Gilmore and now Shoalhaven Mayor Jo Gash.

Over the last 15 years Jo and I have journeyed together, she as a Politician and I as her Pastor, I have come to admire greatly this incredible woman. I doubt you could find a civic leader more hard working or more passionate for their city (or seat) than Jo Gash.

Many times I would drive into Nowra CBD late at night and the Jo Gash van would be outside her office and I knew she was there working hard for the people of the Shoalhaven.

Many times I would have a coffee with Jo, and I would hear her heart for her constituents, her passion for her job, and her love of not only the seat of Gilmore but also her nation.

Jo has always been encouraging to me as a community leader and I have appreciated this. Her input into my journey has been invaluable to me.

In my world I like to champion women as I think they, on the main, get a rough deal in the way they are treated around the world, and I would suggest that Jo Gash is a poster woman for women in leadership around the world.

As a politician, both Federal and Local, Jo has had her detractors:- Which I know goes with the territory, but I think they need to take a breather and actually look at what Jo has achieved. I smile in one sense at the detractors as there are a few higher profile ones and I note that they have achieved very little in life compared to the admirable achievements of Jo in her public life.

I write this blog as an acknowledgement of my friendship for Jo. But more than that. I write this blog as a resident of Nowra who has appreciated having a federal member passionate for the area she represents and now as Mayor, equally passionate for the city of the Shoalhaven.

Thank you Jo.

Ps Peter Pilt

National Director Global Care

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  1. Peter I haven’t had a response to my questions re. the N.S.W. premier and his views on Islam….. I hope this is not just a one way conversation where you give your opinion on a variety of topics but ignore your constituents.

    • Hi Alan, definitely not a one way conversation. Just crazy busy packing my house to move my family to QLD. The premier did not go into deep detail re Islam and the threat that it is to Australia. I submitted the question and I retype it here so you know what was asked.

      What do you think the church’s response should be to radicalization of young men of the Islamic faith. Also what initiatives came out of the Terror summit the other day.

      The Premier expressed concern about what is happening among some Muslim men particularly in Sydney but it unfortunately wasn’t the forum to unpack this to any great detail. He didn’t delve into the initiatives that came out of the Terrorism Summit.. You have to understand this is Sunday Night Church….the Premier was appropriately candid and I understood that.

  2. Hi there Pete , thanks for your thoughts on Jo Gash . I must agree with you she has always been for us the pensioners . When My late husband was diagnosed with Motor Neurone & Dementia I was frantic as Centre Link regarded him as not eligible for a pension ( not sick enough ) Duh ! Jo went into bat for me & got the pension passed .. I’m feeling rather sad now the time has come for you to officially become a Banana Bender . I applaud your move & feel in my spirit it what you’ve been called to do .. I am forever grateful to you for coming to see Harry when he was dying . Praying to help sit him free . I thought you would be around when my time was up to see me off but God has other plans it seems . Only He knows what the future holds , I feel so inadequate but I hang in there on Face Book hopefully spreading the word & Hope for the Hopeless . I often think of the Lighthouse days & the movement of the Holy Spirit . Tent & Street Ministry so strong many being led to CHRIST . But as you know there is a season for everything . I knew when the Holy Spirit gave me a word for you when you were having a rough time that a move was on its way . I don’t know if you remember the word it was Gethsemane .. I was just the post Man . But I felt yours & Melanie’s pain … Thanks for your friendship , love & wisdom & leadership . I wish Melanie you & your beautiful daughters all the Blessings that God the Father gives you & Angels of protection around you all 24/7 . See you on the other side if not again on this one .. Love & Blessings from your sister in Christ ❤️🌹❤️

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  3. Jo Gash is the real deal. I went to her six years ago as I began a campaign to have the orthopaedic ward at Dhoalhaven hospital reopened. She went beyond what could be expected even giving me some tablets she had found helpful before her knee replacement. She is warm, genuine and approachable. Her critics say she is too forceful, well hello, leaders are by definition forceful or nothing would ever be accomplished. Bless you Jo Gash.

  4. Thanks for this. I had taken an interest in Jo Gash because her surname was my maiden name. She is a wonderful woman and a great role model.

  5. Such a sad and cynical comment Tony. It must be exhausting to live inside such a negative mind. Leaving the Priest comment aside, people from the dawn of time have arranged themselves into societies and through necessity have experimented with all kinds of leadership models….including the one you must espouse and that is that everyone is equal….just some are more equal than others…..Which I think was quoted by George Orwell’s exposition of Socialism in his book Animal Farm….I look forward to your articulate response giving examples of a society that has functioned well with any kind of civil leadership…. Or are you just the kind of person who can tell everyone why they are wrong and actually not have a solution.

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